Friday, March 23, 2018

You're Not Right For Me

Hiii guys! 

I wrote another song!!!!!! 

Verse 1
I need to step back
and clear my head
I need to move on
and forget you

I have to stop saying
I'll figure it out
I'll make it work
You're not right for me

Verse 2
I need to shake 
the dust off my feet
I need to leave this place behind
Our love wasn't meant to be

Repeat Chorus

Now that I'm gone
Boy, do I feel free
Your pretty face was not
meant for me

Repeat Chorus

Hope you guys enjoy!

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Times Are Hard For Dreamers

They say times are hard for dreamers
But they won't be hard for me
I've saved up everything I know
To take that step up beyond the lawn
Keep walking, until I see the station
And then see it go

Inside the train, up through the glass
My finger tracing
All of these towns I've never heard of racing past
Off the train at Paris, half a mile from Sacre-Coeur 
The city's waking up for me!
A sign says an apartment's vacant on the second floor! 
And suddenly I hold a key

I turn a lock, the rooms appear
And all it takes is one more step, and then I'm here! 
Just me behind my door! 
It isn't what I have, it's only what I have in store
That matters now, the past can only fade!
And everything I'll ever need is here
This is how my world gets made

They say times are hard for dreamers
And who knows, maybe they are
People seem stuck, or lost at sea
And I might be a dreamer
But it's gotten me this far
And that is far enough for me

Look out my window there's a view, of other windows
My own museum full of paintings I look through! 
Where everything is clear! 

It isn't where I am, it's only where I go from here
That matters now. And I am not afraid!
As everything I'll ever need appears
This is how my world gets made

This is for the dreamers.

(Song from Amelie the Musical) 


17 Things About Me!

Hiiii guys!!!!

Gray tagged me for the 17 Facts About Me tag! Let’s get to it!

1. I am an evil person so I tricked my friends into writing this post for me :D :D :D

*Catherine and Mary Katherine enter from the wings and sit down with Lilah* 

Catherine: *picks up mic* The truth is, gals, she couldn’t think of anything interesting to put down for this post...So, she asked Mary Katherine and I since we apparently know her so well, LOL. 

Anyways, 8 things that I know about Lilah: 

2. She’s a soprano, and she sings in her church choir. And she loves it to death.
3. Details stress her out. A lot.
4. She hates washing dishes...even though she does them most nights. Quite possibly, that’s why she hates them….
5. She has Irish, English and Hungarian ancestry.
6. She is a bear to try and get out of bed in the morning. Quite literally, you have to strip the covers, and drag her out. And even then, that’s difficult.
7. She wears glasses over her brown eyes, and often wears her dark brown hair in a ponytail.
8. One thing that she want to do is travel all over the country/world. We still talk about those plans for that spontaneous road trip and the camper that she wants to fix up….
9. She has 2 sisters, 3 brothers (the plagues of her life), and 1 nephew. (And no, that is not counting me, as I’m the “adopted” sister.)

*Catherine gives mic to Mary Katherine*

Mary Kate:

10. She drinks her coffee with a little hot chocolate stirred in
11. She is a social butterfly, but doesn’t open up to most people
12. Typos are her mortal enemies.
13. She is almost constantly listening to music or humming
14. Loves crab legs and the ocean...sounds like she needs to be shipped off to the coast.
15. Has an adorable smile and looks especially cute in the more orange coral colored clothes.
16. At one point she pretended she was deaf to avoid a weird boy
17. She has never bitten her dentist...that I know of

These are really accurate.......

Thanks for helping me with the post guys!
Hope you all enjoy!


Saturday, March 17, 2018

AMA Answers//////Part 2

Thanks MK........

Which of your songs is your favorite?

A couple months ago I would have said Him, but since I've changed. Its Tallahassee.

Which is your least favorite?


One song on the radio that annoys you?

Anything by Nicki Minaj

One song that you love and sing along to every time it comes on the radio?

Every song I've ever heard............

Wanted by Hunter Hayes (are you shocked?)

Last musical you watched?

Hunchback of Notre Dame. I found it on YouTube.......

Musical you've never watched but really want to?

La La Land

If you could only pick one musical to see on Broadway, what would it be?


Favorite musician?

Taylor Swift

Favorite book about a musician

P.S. I Like You by Kasie West (Honorable mention, Open Road Summer by Emery Lord)

Favorite song lyric?

You can go the distance, you can run the mile. You can walk straight through hell with a smile.
-Hall Of Fame

Favorite and least favorite genre of music?

Least Favorite-Screamo

Last song you listened to?

I Got A Car by George Strait

Song you've been listening to a lot?

You Said You'd Grow Old With Me by Michael Schulte

Favorite music video?

Delicate by Taylor Swift

Are you listening to music right now?

Why yes, yes I am.

Favorite romantic song?

Can't Help Falling In Love by Haley Reinhart

Last song you cried during?

Not Today by Imagine Dragons

Favorite musical score from a movie that is not a musical?

Pride and Prejudice 2005

Most popular of your songs so far?



Yes, MK, you caught me. I posted it knowing it would make you sad. (sorry)

Would you rather gain fame on the internet/via video (like Lindsey Stirling) or on the stage/the radio?

I would honestly be okay with either.

Last song that made you laugh?

Never Ever Getting Rid of Me from Waitress

What is your song writing process?

I don't actually have a process. I'll get an idea and write down lyrics until I have a complete song and then I arrange them to sound lyrical.

What kind of snacks to you eat while writing songs?

I don't eat while I write songs........

All songs have an emotion behind them......which one is most common in yours?


Are you currently working on a song? Snippets?

Yes, I am working on a song. But I can't give you guys snippets because I want this song to be a surprise. I'm very proud of this song and its not even finished!

Do you work on multiple songs at a time or stick to one until its done?

Most of the time I stick to one song at a time.

What do you sing in the shower? (Come on. We know you do it)

Yes, I do sing in the shower. I don't have a specific song. I just sing what's in my head at the time.

A song you like in a different language?

Buchaille on Eirne by Damian McGinty

Favorite summer song?

Barefoot Blue Jean Night by Jake Owen

Road trip song?

Would You Go With Me by Josh Turner

Put yourself to sleep song?

Five More Minutes by Scotty McCreery

While you read song?

Epilogue from La La Land

While you study song?

We Were Us by Keith Urban and Miranda Lambert

Last song on playlist?

This one is from my Country Music playlist, The River by the Garth Brooks Tribute Band

Christmas song?

Sleigh Ride by Pentatonix

Religious song?

Pie Jesu by Celtic Women

Song that makes you want to dance?

Shut Up and Dance by WALK THE MOON


Fight Song by Rachel Platten

Instrumental song?

Epilogue from La La Land

Last musical you belted while walking around your house?

The Sound of Music

Name 3 cute musicians and whether you like their work or not?

Hunter Hayes: YES

Damian McGinty: YES

Calum Scott: YES

5 favorite musicians and your favorite of their songs?

Taylor Swift: All Too Well

Hunter Hayes: If It's Just Me

Damian McGinty: Slow Dance

Raelynn: Diamonds

Danielle Bradbury: Laying Low

Favorite Disney Song?

I Can Go The Distance from Hercules

Favorite Disney Love Song?

I See The Light from Tangled

A song with a color in it.... and do you love it or hate it?

Red by Taylor Swift  and yes I love it!!!

A song that means a lot to you right now?

Emoji of a Wave by John Mayer

What song describes your life right now?

I Wanna Get Better by Bleachers

Favorite music blog(s)?

I don't really follow any music blogs....... I don't even know of any music blogs. If anyone knows a music blog, let me know!!!

Musician that is a HUGE inspiration to you?

Hunter Hayes. He writes his own lyrics and music and they are just so amazing. He can make me feel so many emotions through all of his songs.

Why did you start writing music?

I started because of a TV show. I was watching Once Upon A Time and one of the characters died tragically.... and some of his last words were "Go find Tallahassee, even if it is without me." And through my tears, I thought "That would make a really good song lyric." Later that night, I grabbed a pencil and paper and my song Tallahassee was born. I realized that I really enjoyed writing songs and I kept doing it. And here I am today :D

If you could have a famous musician sing one of your songs, which musician and which song?

I would really like Kelsea Ballarini to sing I Was Wrong. I think she would sound amazing singing that. A girl can dream, right?

Favorite time of day to write music?

Ha Ha It's not daytime. 2 am is when I do my best writing.

What makes you want to write? What inspires you?

Random things will inspire me and make me want to write. I'll be having a conversation and the other person will say something and I will get song inspiration for that. Sometimes its other songs that give me inspirations. Sometimes its a place.

Take your favorite season and make a playlist for it... it has to be at least 5 songs long

My favorite season is Fall

Wake Me Up When September Ends by Green Day
Autumn from Titanic the Musical
Clair de Lune by Claude Debussy
Emoji of a Wave by John Meyer
Pompeii by Bastille
Sign of the Times by Harry Styles

What non-music things do you do to recharge your writer self?

I relax and read a book.

Disney song you hate/dislike?

Little April Showers from Bambi

Song with your age in the title?

What About 18 by Betsy Lane

You've heard of comfort food....what are your comfort songs?

Anything by Hunter Hayes or Taylor Swift will instantly comfort me and make me feel better.

Winter song that is not about Christmas OR a typical Christmas song?

Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy by Pentatonix

An unknown/lesser known musician?

Megan and Liz. My favorite song is Big Kids

A song with food in it?

Cake by the Ocean by DNCE

A song with an ocean/beach that you like?

Malibu by Miley Cyrus

Music you listen to while cleaning your room?

Usually my upbeat playlist. It gets me pumped and ready for cleaning!

Song for each of your top two favorite holidays?

Sleigh Ride-Christmas
Hosanna To The Son Of David-Easter

SPRING IS HERE What is a Spring song?

Do Re Mi from the Sound of Music

Your I'm Single playlist?

Someone Like You by Adele
Tonight I Want To Cry by Keith Urban
Dancing On My Own by Calum Scott
White Horse by Taylor Swift
I'm A Mess by Ed Sheeran

Your MK Cries Over Sad Soldier Songs So I Should Stockpile Them Just In Case playlist?
Why yes, MK, I have a couple :D

Letters From Home by John Michael Montgomery
If You're Reading This by Tim McGraw
American Soldier by Toby Keith
I'm Already There by Lonestar

Can you sing the theme song from Miraculous Ladybug?

Miraculous! Simply the best! Up to the test when things go wrong! 
Miraculous the luckiest! Power of love always soo strong! 

And no, I didn't look that up :D

What movie/TV show theme songs can you sing?

I can sing the Girl Meets World one. All the rest  are instrumental.

Song not about relationships, boys, love or anything super serious or sad?

The Best Day by Taylor Swift

A Folk Tune you like?

Riptide by Vance Joy

Favorite Disney soundtrack as a whole?

Newsies :D :D

Songs that always get stuck in your head...even if you only hear a line or two?

Those Irish drinking songs you're always singing, MK.

Have you made a graduation playlist?

Not yet..

Workout Playlist?

New Romantics by Taylor Swift
New Rules by Dua Lipa
Titanium by David Guetta and Sia
Eraser by Ed Sheeran
Havana by Camilla Cabello

Wedding Playlist?

Photograph by Ed Sheeran
Can't Help Falling In Love by Haley Reinhart
I Won't Give Up by Jason Mraz
I Was Made For Loving You by Tori Kelly and Ed Sheeran
Wanted by Hunter Hayes
Have I Told You Lately That I Love You by Keith Harkin and Colbie Caillet
A Thousand Years

A song I like, but you don't?

Flatliner by Cole Swindell

A song I like but MK doesn't? 

Everybody's Got Somebody But Me by Hunter Hayes

Patriotic song? 

God Bless the USA by Lee Greenwood

A song that make you think of me? 

Angel Eyes by Love and Theft

A song from your favorite musical that you hate/dislike? 

The Bottom Line from Newsies

Favorite radio station? 

99.1 out of Dayton (its country) 

Do you have a special writing book? 

Yes, I have a book that I write all of my songs in

Do you have a song that reminds you of a certain book? 

In Case You Didn't Know by Brett Young will always remind me of Open Road Summer by Emery Lord because I listened to that song on repeat while reading it.

Do you have a song that reminds you of one of your OTPs? (please not Reylo. *gag*) 

Beautiful Mess by Diamond Rio  always reminds me of Percabeth.

(and Starving by Hailee Steinfeld reminds me of Reylo :D)

A song that you feel different about after seeing the music video and whether you stopped liking it or not? 

The music video for Delicate by Taylor Swift made me love the song even more than I already did!

What musician do you listen to the most? 

Hunter Hayes (I can't believe you even had to ask)

Rihanna or BeyoncĂ©? (you can't say neither) 


Favorite song from the Greatest Showman soundtrack? 

A Million Dreams 

A song you would recommend to everyone? 

All Too Well by Taylor Swift

A song you don't like telling people about so you can horde it and make it "your song"? 

Seventeen by Marina and the Diamonds

If you were famous and going on an international tour....where would you travel to? 

Let's say it together guys.......Italy!

If you could pick one co-star for one week of the show......who would it be? 

Hunter Hayes!

Would you sing under your real name? 

Yeah, I would :D (can you guys guess my real name?, those of you who already know it, you can't guess)

Goals for writing music in 2018 and this next lap of blogging? 

I want to send a couple songs to a recording studio in 2018. And I hope to put more songs on the blog!

A song that make you want to go out and do something crazy/adventurous? 

No Roots by Alice Merton

Do you have any musical merch? 

Yes! I have a Phantom of the Opera tote bag. 

Do you want to do this, crazy? 

Too late to stop now......

A song that is super catchy, but you don't like because you don't like the meaning behind the words or just don't like it? 

Cheerleader by OMI. This song played constantly on the radio when it came out and I can't stand it!

A song you listen to while pretending you're listening to someone talk? 

Everybody Talks by Neon Trees

Do you have any clothes or jewelry with music-y stuff on it? 

Yes, I have a necklace that says "Life is Music"

Imagine you traveled to a new place and then dropped a new album inspired by your travels...where would that place be?

I would go to an island in the Mediterranean and write songs about it.

How big would you make an album you released?

12 songs.

Would you rather do albums or singles?


Listen to a song by Justin Bieber and write a paragraph long review on it?

(I don't want to do this......)

Love Yourself by Justin Bieber is actually better than I thought. His voice is definitely deeper than it used to be. I don't feel like a chipmunk is singing in my ear anymore. The song is awesome! I would totally put this on my playlist, in fact I wouldn't even realize it was Justin Bieber.

Something you learned from your old songs about song writing?

Just because you didn't write the whole song in one sitting does not mean you are a failure. It's ok to write a song in bursts.

Its snowing out right now.....what would you listen to?

Christmas music

A children's song you like?

Count Your Blessings by Bing Crosby

"The Sky and the Dawn and the Sun" or "Sleepsong" or "Noble Fair Maiden" are all Celtic lullabies....which would you sing to your children?

I would sing all of them!

If you should die from an overabundance of questions (you asked for it) what would like played at your funeral?

Please have Hunter Hayes personally come and sing to my casket.


These were great questions MK I had a lot of fun with them!

And if you guys actually sat there and read all of that, virtual cake for you!!!!!
Hope you enjoy!


Thursday, March 15, 2018

AMA Answers////////Part 1

Catherine's Questions

What movies/TV series are you looking forward to seeing this year? 

Black Panther, INFINITY WAR (I'M NOT READY) Incredibles 2, Christopher Robin, The Grinch, and the Last Jedi (when it comes out on DVD) 

What is one food you hate the most? 

Walnuts. I don't like the flavor or the texture of them Ick! 

What is your favorite thing to do in the summer? 


What is your worst fear? 

Not being good enough. 

What are your career plans? 

I actually have two plans. One, is to go to college and get a degree in musical theatre and then try out for Broadway. The other plan is to get hired as a lyricist for a recording studio and write song lyrics. 

Ivie's Questions

Have you ever had a slushie from Sonic? 

Why yes I have! (my sister is actually the general manager at one of the stores, so I get free slushies all the time sssssssssh) My favorite flavor is green apple with Nerds in it. 

What's your favorite thing about blogging? 

The blogging community. Everyone is so nice and I honestly wish we could all meet sometime and have a big hangout!! 

Favorite book! (whyyyyyyyyyyy Ivie!!!!! This is soooo hard!) 

Open Road Summer by Emery Lord (this is just one of them) 

Favorite song? (this is also haaaaaaaaaaaaard) 

All Too Well by Taylor Swift 

Is there a book or books you are looking forward to this year? 

Not really. I don't keep up with book releases often enough. 

Skye's Questions 

Favorite musical?  (sooooooo hard!!!!) 

Phantom of the Opera! 

Favorite TV show? 

When Calls The Heart!!!! 

Favorite movie? 

Man From U.N.C.L.E. (2015) 

 Alyssa's Questions

Who is your favorite hero? 

Percy Jackson! 

Who is your favorite heroine? 

Cammie Morgan 

Who is your favorite villain? 

Loki :D 

Coffee or Tea or other? 


What is your favorite holiday? 


If money was no option, what country would you most like to visit? 

I would love to visit Italy. For the gelato, of course :D 

Do you like history? If so, what time period? 

I really like the 40s. The fashion during that time so pretty. 

Name three things from your bucket list? 

Go to Italy

See a show on Broadway 

Post a letter on Juliet's wall in Verona 

 Georgianna's Questions 
 (hi duckie!!!!) 

If you had to live in a foreign country for a year, which one would you choose? 


If you could speak any language fluently, which would it be? 

I would love to speak Italian :D 

Do you listen to other countries music? And if so, what country? 

Is this your way of trying to get me to listen to K-pop??? :D :D :D :D No I don't listen to other countries music. But I want to! 

Pony Girl's Questions

 What would you choose as your theme song? 

I Could Use A Love Song  by Maren Morris 

Thank you all for the wonderful questions!!!!!! MK's questions will be posted on Saturday. All 115 of them............ 


Monday, March 12, 2018

I have been challenged!!!!!

Ok Mary Katherine

I double dog dare you

to keep asking questions until you can't think of any more.


Sunday, March 11, 2018

I need questions!!!!!


So my blogoversary is on Thursday.

I'm doing an AMA!!!!!!! 

Please have all your questions in by Wednesday and I will post my answers sometime on Thursday!! 


You're Not Right For Me

Hiii guys!  I wrote another song!!!!!!  Verse 1 I need to step back and clear my head I need to move on and...