17 Things About Me!

Hiiii guys!!!!

Gray tagged me for the 17 Facts About Me tag! Let’s get to it!

1. I am an evil person so I tricked my friends into writing this post for me :D :D :D

*Catherine and Mary Katherine enter from the wings and sit down with Lilah* 

Catherine: *picks up mic* The truth is, gals, she couldn’t think of anything interesting to put down for this post...So, she asked Mary Katherine and I since we apparently know her so well, LOL. 

Anyways, 8 things that I know about Lilah: 

2. She’s a soprano, and she sings in her church choir. And she loves it to death.
3. Details stress her out. A lot.
4. She hates washing dishes...even though she does them most nights. Quite possibly, that’s why she hates them….
5. She has Irish, English and Hungarian ancestry.
6. She is a bear to try and get out of bed in the morning. Quite literally, you have to strip the covers, and drag her out. And even then, that’s difficult.
7. She wears glasses over her brown eyes, and often wears her dark brown hair in a ponytail.
8. One thing that she want to do is travel all over the country/world. We still talk about those plans for that spontaneous road trip and the camper that she wants to fix up….
9. She has 2 sisters, 3 brothers (the plagues of her life), and 1 nephew. (And no, that is not counting me, as I’m the “adopted” sister.)

*Catherine gives mic to Mary Katherine*

Mary Kate:

10. She drinks her coffee with a little hot chocolate stirred in
11. She is a social butterfly, but doesn’t open up to most people
12. Typos are her mortal enemies.
13. She is almost constantly listening to music or humming
14. Loves crab legs and the ocean...sounds like she needs to be shipped off to the coast.
15. Has an adorable smile and looks especially cute in the more orange coral colored clothes.
16. At one point she pretended she was deaf to avoid a weird boy
17. She has never bitten her dentist...that I know of

These are really accurate.......

Thanks for helping me with the post guys!
Hope you all enjoy!



  1. That's a fun way to do it! These were hilarious facts!

  2. The writing is going into your sidebar, so I wasn't able to read everything, but I saw most of it and THIS IS HILARIOUS. Great post. <3

    1. When MK copied it over from Google+, it copied as if in a document, not the blog post, so the HTML went absolutely bonkers. So I descended into the labrynth and got it taken care of. Thanks for catching that, Ivie!!


    2. Its been fixed Ivie! Thanks for pointing it out :D

      Thank you!

  3. Aw, this was so original! I loved it!!! XD

    Typos are my enemies too, and I can't blame you for pretending to be deaf, I fled to a bathroom to escape a creep once. XD

    1. Thanks Gray :D

      We can be awkward together!!!!


  4. This tag was such fun to do together, sis! Can't wait for the rest of "them" to come out, LOL.


  5. Aaaaaaahhhh, I love it when you three collaborate!! These facts are great. xD Love you guys! <3

  6. Lilah, how dare you trick your friends!!! ;D I enjoyed reading this!