Aesthetics: Chaotic Academia

so this is my personal aesthetic. literally as soon as i heard the words "chaotic academia" i was like, yes! thats me! :D 

Chaotic Academia is an aesthetic that involves haphazard routines, messy habits, unusual or banned 

literature and studying with a passion.This subtype of academia promotes the acceptance of messy or 

seemingly uncomposed traits some students may have.


button downs//messy eyeliner//heavy boots//mismatched socks//hoodies//cardigans//sweaters//large blazers//


Animal Farm//To Kill A Mockingbird//Uncle Tom's Cabin//Pride and Prejudice//The Complete Works of Emily Dickinson//Atticus Poems//


dead poets society//little women//mona lisa smile//testament of youth//knives out//enola holmes//tolkien//

the films are the same as dark academia :)

TV Shows

gilmore girls//sherlock//


~THE MAD WRITER~ (Chaotic Academia)
A strong black coffee always helps to wake this academic up in the morning. They stumble out of bed late after an intense night of scribbling out ideas for plots and characters. They seem to fixate on the prospect of murder, which their secret lover, «Gentle Florist», finds slightly suspicious. Their room is littered with paper. Is that a receipt or an important writer's note lying beside the antique camera? We might just never know. They hate most people, especially crying babies on the train. They are brutally cold & sarcastic, but people can't stop falling for them. Their wardrobe colours are black, blood red, cold white & the occasional navy blue.

-food fights

-studying at 1am 

-reciting useless facts 

-drinking tea 

-Emptying your pockets at the end of the day and coming to a total of four pens, a pocket notebook, two receipts, and a highlighter

-Taking a "quick break" then waking up at the middle of the night

-Going out during breaks in the rain deliberately to get wet

-Covering your bedroom wall in sticky notes

i hope you all enjoyed this look into my personal aesthetic. And i have a feeling that some of you might also have the chaotic aesthetic as well :) 



  1. I definitely related to many, many parts of this aesthetic!

  2. I love this aesthetic a lot. The whole concept of it is just perfection. idk if it's fully me but I can relate to a lot of it. the chaotic part especially haha xD

  3. Oh, yes, parts of this are really like me, too. I really enjoyed this peek into your aesthetic and can totally see how it is yours! :)

  4. I think this one fits me pretty well too. Especially the chaotic part. XD
    Love this!

    1. I could definitely see this as your aesthetic!

  5. If you were to guess your friends' aesthetics what would they be?

    1. oh geez. that would definitely take some thinking :D I'll actually have to do a post on that!