"the world's happy waiting, doors yellow, broken, blue" September/October RECAP


Hello all!

So sorry i am late with my post this week, i decided to focus on cleaning my room instead of writing a blog post oop- 

A clean room meant that i could focus more on NaNo but that is for another post :D 

Let's get to it shall we? 


"so i keep thinking back to, a time under the canyon moon" July/August RECAP 

reasons to stay alive 

some things you didn't know about my poetry collection and a little announcement 

Life part two 


20 Things I Learned About Myself Before 20 

Aesthetics: Dark Academia 

Aesthetics: Chaotic Academia 

Other News From Around The Blogosphere 

There's a Shared WIP tag that will be going on throughout the month of November! 

NaNoWriMo is hitting the blogosphere and there really isn't much news lol 

I am actually participating in NaNo this year. I've started a new collection and i'll say that writing is going really well and i'm excited to share my progress at the end of the month! 

Life's honestly been kinda sucky lately. Especially all that's going on with the election. All i will say about it is that we need to pray for our country and that everything turns out alright. 

In other news, i opened up an Etsy shop! With an unexpected technical difficulty after it opened, i can now say that i am back in business and ready to ship out books!! I would really love it if my book could get around :) 


By The Book by Amanda Sellet 

For the Record by Charlotte Huang 

Technically, You Started It by Lana Wood Johnson 

Majesty by Katherine McGee 


The Faithless Hawk by Margaret Owen 

The Tower of Nero by Rick Riordan

A Sweet Mess by Jayci Lee 

Every Last Word by Tamara Ireland Stone 

The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller 

Once and For All by Sarah Dessen 

Honestly didn't get as much reading as i wanted done because i kept getting distracted by reading Reddit posts lololol 


Little League by Conan Gray 

Someone New by Hozier 

I'm Me by Us the Duo

RAIN by Ben Platt 

I Dare You by Bea Miller 


Producer Man by Lyn Lapid 

Ghost of You by 5SOS (the live version specifically) 

Don't Give Up On Me by Andy Grammer 

Wonder by Shawn Mendes 

It's Ok If You Forget Me by Astrid S 

And now a special shoutout to something that i discovered at the end of October and has basically consumed my every waking hour since then. 

Julie and the Phantoms. 

AKA my new obsession :D 

Its a Netflix Original and there's only 9 episodes out right now. And i am being completely honest right now. I've watched the show 7 times now. The music in the show is the only thing i'm listened to and tbh i've memorized most of the dialogue :) 

Its brought me a lot of happiness that i haven't felt in a long time and its really amazing. If you don't have Netflix, you should definitely stream the album then :D 

Also just look at these faces and tell me they aren't the cutest things ever 

Tell me how life is treating you right now? I'd love to chat! 



  1. I knew you'd mention Julie and the Phantoms at some point xD

    I'm doing okay. Trying to survive life stuff atm :P

    I love this post!!!

  2. love this post! this past week's been not great (election stuff which caused anxiety and exhaustion)...and finals are next week, but it's ok. the leaves are finally starting to change, and i'm loving the autumn vibes (even tho it's 70 degrees here *sobs*).

    currently obsessed with the x-files (on season 2!) and rewatching brooklyn 99 (for like the sixth time this year, lol). also my suite mate & i randomly decided to watch twilight (just finished the 2nd movie!), and are thoroughly enjoying making sarcastic commentary (although hot take the second movie wasn't terrible?) ♥️

    1. I hope finals go well for you!!! See i feel like i would also make sarcastic commentary as well. lololol

  3. So i have heard that the song of Achilles is a good read ( and i recently had to read the Iliad for a Lit.class) so how did you like it? would you recommend?

    1. I liked it well enough! Its got some sensitive content but i think you'll like it!

  4. I'll have to check out Julie and the Phantoms.
    Hope this month is less sucky for you. <3

  5. I hope November and NaNo both go well for you!

    (I also just tagged you for the Sunshine Blogger award, if you want to do it. https://samsbookshire.blogspot.com/2020/11/tag-sunshine-blogger-award-2x.html)

  6. Ah yeah, I've listened to Wonder a lot. And because of this post I listened to Rain and liked it. I've never heard of someone watching a show seven times, but I'm super curious about it now. What's it about? Good luck on NaNo! I'm excited for your update at the end of the month!