The Time I Met Damian McGinty

Hi guys!

Let me start out by saying, there were many different ways I could have titled this.

"The Time I Almost Passed Out At Damian McGinty's Feet"

"The Time I Acted Like A Six Year Old At Damian McGinty's Concert"

"The Time I Had A Complete Mental Breakdown At Damian McGinty's Concert"

So yeah.....

I still have no chill.

So my aunt is the nicest person ever!!! She offered to take me and of course, I was like YES!!

So yesterday, we got in the car and started driving and we stopped to get gas. And just before my aunt got out, she was like "I bought meet and greet tickets, you're going to get to me him."

She got out of the car and I had a complete mental breakdown.

I started laughing and crying at the same time. I was rambling to myself. The guy that walked by the car probably thought I was a crazy person...... (which I am, but he doesn't know that)

(Yes. Yes she is. Very crazy. You should have heard her when she was telling me this thing over the phone ~ Catherine). 

We get to the venue an hour early because my aunt thought there was going to be a lot of traffic. So we just chill in the lobby for an hour. And then we finally get into the venue.

(She needed that hour break. Considering the exercise her nerves were going to get, they probably appreciated the break). 

So this venue did not have assigned seating so we could sit wherever we wanted. And it just happened that there were two empty seats in the front row!!!!!  AAAAAAAAAAAA

(Fasten the seat-belts, everybody....) 

We sit there for a bit and then he walks onto the stage.  My aunt said she has never seen me smile so wide. I had the biggest Cheshire cat grin.

That's how close we were. *screaming again*

(I really wish I had been there just to see her face these next few minutes....)

So at the beginning of the meet and greet, he had a 15-20 minute Q and A. I initially was not going to ask a question, but then as he was answering another person's question, I was like, "Screw it, let's ask a question!!!"

So I raised my hand and he pointed to me and I said. "What's your song writing process?"
(*pats self on back*) (I'm so proud of her.)

He said he's actually never gotten that question before and it was a really thoughtful question. And then he answered. He said he does his best writing on planes because he doesn't do well on them, so to pass the time, he writes songs and records little voice memos of his ideas. I was taking notes :D :D :D

(She conveniently forgot to tell you that she was bobbing her head a lot and her aunt had to elbow her in order to get her to stop....)

So then he leaves to go out to the room where everybody can take pictures and get stuff signed.

We're in the line and i'm literally jumping up and down in place and my aunt told me 3 times to stop. I told her I was getting all the jitters out.

And then we get to the front of the line...

(Give her a second...she's dying again.) 

I walk up to him and he gives me the bestest hug I have ever had. I literally didn't want to let go.

Oh look its me!

(Yep. She's getting bold in her madness.) 

He signed my CD and he actually spelled my name right!!!!! (People spell it wrong all the time!)

(You forgot about the bouncing in the line part....)

And then he followed up on the question I asked him. He asked if I was a songwriter, and I said yes.
And then he gave some advice.

He said, "Work hard, and even if you fail, you can't give up because one day you will succeed."
And then he said,

"I look forward to performing with you one day."

(okay, she is literally melting over the phone into a puddle right now...not that I blame her in the least. I dare say I would have had the same reaction if I had been in her shoes. *goes to Lilah and hands her a hankie*)

And then we went to take a picture together and I almost tripped over his shoe, because I lost feeling in my legs.

Oh look there's my full face!

(The only reason why she is upright is because she's gripping the table.) 

He hugged me again and we walked back into the venue. And while we were walking back, I started walking sideways. My aunt was like, "Are you okay???" 

Me: No, no I am not.

(Gosh, I really wish I was there.....with a video camera...) 

We sat back down and sat for a half hour while he finished and then he went backstage. We sat for another half hour and then his guitar player and piano player came out and started warming up. 

And then he walked out.

(and she's melted on the floor again.....) 

Chesire cat grin came out again.

He sang a couple songs. He talked a bit before each one and told us the title before he sang it. He sang Caledonia (and mentioned her dearly beloved late George Donaldson, which immediately prompted "awwws" from the audience) and he sang the first couple of lines and then busted out laughing. His guitar player gave him a funny look and he couldn't help but laugh.

He made fun of his 14 year old so much, it was hilarious. He started singing Puppy Love and to make fun of himself even more, he started doing the moves he did when he was younger. I have never laughed harder.

(She's so shooketh that she forgot half the details again. Apparently, he also did the same thing with Breaking Up is Hard to Do, and Bye Bye Baby, ending each song snippet with "But enough about that". He included cracks about his costuming (like bell-bottomed pants, and earlier skinny jeans and leather jacket) that I found hilarious.) 

He debuted a new song that is not on his EP. He's releasing this song with his album next February. The song is called Salt Water. He sang through the first verse and chorus and I burst into tears. There were tears streaming down my face. My aunt surprisingly did not notice.

He started singing "I Want To Dance With Somebody" and we all got up and danced and it was really fun! Then he started the last song, which was his single "Slow Dance". We all were dancing and having the best time ever. He started twirling all the people in the front row, so I got to dance with him.

(Gosh, she's so CALM about it!! Let us take a moment to realize that she Actually. Danced. With. Damian McGinty. Now, I'm freaking out. Cause seriously, who can say that they Actually. Danced. With. Damian McGinty.)  

Oh my gosh, I danced with Damian McGinty.....

The concert was over.

(And the feels and the fangirling started anew....) 

So we got in the car and my aunt looks over at me and says, "you know you literally leaned over to me before every song and said you loved this song" And I said that I literally do not remember saying it at all.

And then we got home and went crazy on Facebook. Here is what I said...

"Lilah cannot even right now. Lilah met Damian McGinty tonight. Which has made Lilah talk in the third person. Lilah is not okay. She met Damian McGinty. This is weird now so Lilah is going to stop."

"Let it be known now that Damian McGinty is the best hugger ever"

"His eyebrows are even more magnificent in real life."

"I'm probably going to be talking about this for a while. I'm sorry in advance."

Then I went to go take a shower to calm down.

And came back and posted this.

"Its been an hour and I still have no chill."

(It's been 48 hours and she still has no chill. She literally has it BAD, y'all. It has taken us almost three hours to write this post out. I've never seen her this shook up EVER. She and I have been on the phone this whole time talking this thing out as we go, and if I had a dollar for every time she said "I've met Damian McGinty", "Okay", "I'm Cool", "Going to be Mature about this" or giggled, I would be a millionaire right now.) 

She's not wrong.......

If you have managed to get through all this, I congratulate you.

We really hope you enjoyed this post! Please send Lilah some chocolate, she's now in a bad concert hangover after writing this all out. Have you gals been to any concerts lately? If so, who was the artist? What is one artist that you are dying to see in concert? 

Lilah (and her impulse control, Catherine Hawthorn <3) 


  1. This was fun to read, also the face reveal is awesome because now we know what you look like. :D I'm going to say something that could get me in a lot of trouble here... who's Damian McGinty? *hides*

    *hands you chocolate*

    I've never been to a concert. An artist I would love to see in concert... I don't know. I don't listen to a lot of people who have concerts. I'm really into Indie music. If Srvcina, Ruelle, Fleurie, and Tommee Profitt all had a concert, I would love to go see that!

    Awesome post, y'all.


    1. Damian McGinty is an Irish singer who is part of the group Celtic Thunder and he's on a solo tour now promoting his new EP.

      *thanks you for chocolate*

      I would love to go see Ruelle in concert!!


    2. Damian McGinty used to be part of Celtic Thunder, but he left the band awhile ago. He was the cutest thing, I adore those old Celtic Thunder albums. <3 so sad he left the group...

    3. He actually joined back up!!! He's touring with them again. I love the old albums too :D


  2. Wow, it's so cool you met Damian McGinty in concert!!! Even though, like Ivie, I have never heard of him in my life... xD But it's still very very cool!!!

    And lol, I love how Catherine is so calmly amused the whole way through.

    Let's see, I have been to a couple awesome concerts. I've seen Skillet in concert, which was fun but suuuuuuuuper loud. I've also seen For King and Country, which was AWESOME and Joel Smallbone came sooooo close to our row!!! It was crazy!!!

    I want to see Owl City in concert. Wow, that would be amazing. :')

    Awesome post!!

    1. Catherine was very amused throughout this whole thing. I don't think she's laughed at me that hard ever!

      Ooooh I would love to see Owl City in concert!


    2. Your comment made me crack up so hard, Lila!! As Lilah said, I was pretty amused through the whole thing (she's a very contagious giggler, just saying). All those breaks were very necessary, she could only get a couple of sentences down at a time then she had to take a break cause she was shaking and giggling so hard...LOL.

    3. Lol, I just realised Lila and Lilah are the same name. XD (Obviously, I was NOT paying attention before.)

      I bet Lilah was fangirling like crazy. XD

  3. Oh my goodness Liah, it sounds like so much fun!!!!
    I would probably be doing the same thing if it were me... I also have a Cheshire cat grin!
    I would love to see Damian McGinty in concert, also Ramin Karimloo and or Hadley Fraser.
    Sending chocolate your way!

    1. It was really fun!!! Best experience of my life!!
      I would also love to see Ramin or Hadley!
      Thank you for the chocolate!



    *sends lots of chocolate and lattes*

    This was so much fun to read! And I still can't get over the fact that you MET HIM!!! O_o

    1. Yaaaaay lattes!!!
      I still can't get over the fact that I met him!!!!


  5. I'm so happy for you Lilah! I don't know who he is, but I fangirled when I met TFK, so I know the feeling!


    1. Thanks Skye!!! I honestly went over the limits of fangirling, if that's even possible XD


    2. Yes, yes you did. I haven never seen her so bad, Skye. And I've seen this girl fangirl a lot over a lot of different things. This tops even fangirling over When Calls the Heart (TV show) and Hunter Hayes (her favorite country singer)

  6. (Wow. This is the first time anyone has seen your face on the blog...)


    Why do I get the feeling I'm going to hear about this concert later with a lot more screaming?

    1. Because you are.. And i'm never going to shut up about it.

    2. Prepare yourself MK. That's all I gotta say. Cause she WILL be talking about this for quite some time...

  7. OMW THIS WAS SO MUCH FUN TO READ XDD thanks for sharing lol

    1. Thanks Lisa!! It was fun to write :D :D


  8. That is soooooo cool! And what he said about your songwriting - I second it quite exuberantly!
    Oh, gosh, totally me too. I went to see an Il Divo concert for a my birthday (early) here in VA... and you have so much more sense than I do because you got to meet the performer and everything and still are around to tell about it more or less sanely... just watching Il Divo from the far-out seat, I am barely alive now... if I am at all, haha.. *nervous laugh*

    1. I don't think I've fully recovered quite yet tbh...... I was freaking out so bad on the inside and I am so surprised I managed to actually talk to him.