Awkward and Awesome: Choir!!!

Hi guys!

Our last collab post was basically me flailing on the floor and Catherine picking up the pieces, but this time, i’m normal! (ish)

Notice the “ish” part.

*sticks tongue out at Catherine*


Anyways, we have decided to do another collab post together this week - An Awkward and Awesome post on “Being in Choir”.

You see, Lia and I are part of our respective church choirs and we’ve been passing around funny stories from choir every time we chat with each other. So, we figured, why not?

Anyway, let’s get into it!!!!!!



Almost knocking someone out with my choir bag….

When you are trying to find practice tracks for some of the songs - and all the YouTube covers are either the wrong tempo, or worse in the wrong key!

Singing a wrong note and the choir director makes eye contact with you.

When one section misses an entrance and “kidnaps” another section - causing major musical mayhem!

When you make sarcastic commentary and the person in front of you hears you and laughs…..

When your choir director misses a note and takes out the entire choir!

Sounding like a 40 year old smoker after singing Holy Week. (Or coughing like crazy after a long Mass….)

The temptation to run away, hide, cringe and cry when a person is practicing….and singing flat/sharp/horrible. Bonus points if it is a family member…..

When you practice a song so many times, you hear it in your sleep. And that’s annoying.

The eye rolls we get from the director if we make a mistake again after being lectured on the correct form for doing it the first time…..

Trying to take a drink of water and slamming your head into the organ pipes….
(only me, guys, only me)

When the choir director loses his pitch pipe (or in my case, tuning fork)
(lol, that happens all the time)

Music stands are your best friends. Or your worst enemy. Case in point, accidently punching your music stand while trying to count beats. (Or they dump things all over the floor. Or they get knocked together during Mass and make a horrible racket.) (AKA giant dominos)

When a soprano (or any) section is actually timid to sing out.

When you are convinced that the composer hated your section so much that he gave it the worst line imaginable.

When the electric keyboard that the choir director uses for practice is on the fritz/dying….and much banging on it is the only way that it works again…and maybe a muffled word from the director.

Not being able to see because you are in the back row…

The let’s-find-all-the-weird-hymns-in-the-hymnal game…

Why is the water all the way over on the other side of the choir loft?????

When your chapel has the WORST acoustics in the world (in spite of it’s small size) and the director has to have everybody sing loudly in order to have any kind of a decent sound….

Raise your hand if you feel like dying after hitting the high G note….(*raises timid hand*)


When we hit that perfect “open fifth” or chord.

The last ringing note echoing in the church

When your choir director has a wonderful sense of humor. As well as several other members of the choir.

Water is your best friend

The beautiful music pieces (ex. Sicut Cervus, Jesu Rex Admirabilis)

Walking around the choir loft barefoot
(What????) (Its carpet, it’s fine)

The inside jokes!!!!!!

Messing up the song so horribly that the whole choir erupts into giggles

The very satisfied feeling after singing wonderfully.

Being known as the musical one in your family

Your musical knowledge expands practically every practice.

Music becomes your life

Receiving Holy Communion first before everyone.

Getting a bird’s eye view of the whole church

The camaraderie that everyone in the choir has with each other! Choir parties are the best ;). (Choir is a second family!)

And the best awesome of all….glorifying God through song!

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Now it’s your turn to talk! Are you part of a choir? Did we miss any awkwards or awesomes? Please share!!

With love,

Lilah and Catherine


  1. How I dearly love our collab posts :)

  2. COLLAB POST! The only problem is...who's post do I comment on?

  3. This was hilarious xDDDD
    We just started a children's choir and we already have a few funny stories :P

    1. heehee, stories from children's choir...those are the best :)

  4. Awkward:
    - Being the only person who can sing really, really high and love it... and also being the only person dying when even relatively low notes come up
    - Having perpetual sniffles right next to my best friend who is driven crazy by people sniffling
    - Accidentally singing descant when assigned the melody
    - Getting a super high choir song that finally doesn't kill me, the poor wimpy soprano, though the other choir members are grumbling good-naturedly
    - Getting to sit next to my two friends who have amazing voices
    - Getting to ring the chimes during Christmas time :D
    This post was great - you two should really collaborate again! :D

    1. SAME BELLE - I have trouble even with Middle C sometimes now....

      Ugh, sniffles are the worst...they really interfere with singing....

      Those are super cool awkwards and awesomes, Belle!!

  5. I relate to this so much, especially about the dreaded wrong note from the alto section. >.<

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | Story-Eyed