Aesthetics: Dark Academia


it has been a while hasn't it.... 
but thankfully, life has lightened up on me recently
so here i am to stay and bring more posts often :) 

I have always been very interested in aesthetics. 

  1. concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty.
    "the pictures give great aesthetic pleasure"
  1. a set of principles underlying and guiding the work of a particular artist or artistic movement.
    "the Cubist aesthetic"

And as i got more and more interested, i started researching and studying them. If there was a degree in aesthetics, i would have graduated by now lol. 

So i figured that i would share my knowledge with all of you! And maybe help you to discover your aesthetic. 

Now Dark Academia has many sub genres and i will be going through all of those as well in other posts. But for now, i'd just like to focus on Dark Academia itself. 

Dark Academia is an aesthetic that revolves around classic literature, the pursuit of self-discovery, and a 

general passion for knowledge and learning. It is one out of several variations, each with their own unique 

historical focus. Dark Academia visually stems from European cultures, as with its most well known variations.


 plaid coats//button up shirts//peter pan collars//turtlenecks//vintage watches//dark colors//hair tied with bows//


 Jane Eyre//Wuthering Heights//The Divine Comedy//The Great Gatsby//The Hunchback of Notre Dame//Song of Achilles//The Raven Boys//War and Peace//Little Women


dead poets society//little women//mona lisa smile//testament of youth//knives out//enola holmes//tolkien//

Tv Shows

gilmore girls//sherlock//


phantom of the opera//natasha,pierre and the great comet of 1812//hadestown//hamiliton//anastasia//something rotten


dark academia (classical)

Dark Academia 

dark academia society 

dark academia (lofi)

some activities you can do to dive deeper into the aesthetic are: 

-drink tea out of fancy teacups

-light candles and read by candlelight

-dry flowers and decorate your room

-give handwritten letters

-wake up before the sunrise to watch the dawn 

These are of course not necessary to do, just some suggestions if you want to do them!! 

I hope you all enjoyed this journey into Dark Academia! Let me know what your aesthetic is! And has you may have noticed, i redesigned my blog to better reflect mine! i shall reveal that one next week! :D 



  1. I'm obsessed with aesthetics too, and Dark Academia is soo good.
    I'm writing a book that I'm hoping will fit that aesthetic.
    Love this post! (I just finished Hadestown and it definitely fits)

    1. Dark Academia is definitely one of my favorites! And yes! I'm very interested in your book :) And Hadestown is textbook DA :D

  2. I haven't quite grasped these aesthetic concepts so these posts are super helpful for me! this is amazing. I'll determine my aesthetic once I know more haha xD

    1. I'm so glad Brooke! And i'd definitely love to help you out!! ;)

  3. *squeals because the aesthete in me loves this a ton!!!*

    Aesthetics make me soooo happy! I have so much fun with them! I have Pinterest boards devoted entirely to aesthetics of my favorite books and characters :)

    I loved this post!! Definitely gave me all the Dark Academia vibes! I'm still not sure what my personal aesthetic is called, but I know what it looks like :)

  4. P.S. Your new blog look is sooooo lovely!!! <3 <3

    1. Thank you so much Miss Woodhouse!!!! I also have a lot of Pinterest boards dedicated to aesthetics :D

  5. I love this post!! I found a Dark Academia room makeover the other day and I've been curious as to what it was all about ever since! I think I fit into this aesthetic very well!

  6. AGHH THIS IS SO COOL. I didn't realize people claiming aesthetics as "theirs" was a thing but it makes sense. I really, really like this one!

    And your new blog look is SO PRETTY. *heart eyes*

    1. Thank you so much Megan!! Dark Academia is definitely one of my faves :)

  7. This post was super helpful to me because I always hear people talking about Dark Academia but I didn't know what it was. For some reason I thought it was an anime series. XD Lol. Now that I know what it is, this may be my aesthetic!

    Btw, I tagged you for the Sunshine Blogger Award. Play if you feel like it!

    1. I could definitely see this as your aesthetic! And i did see that, i have the post in the works for it :)