20 Things I Learned About Myself Before 20


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1. I learned that its okay to not be okay 

2. That your friends can be trusted with your secrets and they won't judge you 

3. That if you catcall me i can and i will fight you 

4. Literally all you have to do to be my friend is be nice to me (which probably has gotten me into more messes that i can count...)

5. i'm happiest on cold gloomy days 

6. No matter how hard i try, i can never be the girl who keeps a skincare routine every night :( 

7. i take no crap from anyone, and have been known to glare with an evil eye at people who annoy me 

8. i honestly really believe that no one will ever fall in love with me 

9. i learned that my Myers Briggs is ENFP, my Hogwarts house is Slytherin, and my sign is Scorpio. (although literally everyone guesses Hufflepuff????) 

10. i work best under pressure *flashes back to doing a week's worth of homework in 6 hours* 

11. i learned that if you threaten anyone close to me, i'll go straight for your kneecaps 

12. i can memorize musicals in three days or less 

13. i'm better at writing out my feelings than talking about them 

14. i learned that my heart is a fragile little thing and breaks too easily 

15. i learned that i'm stronger than i think and things do get better 

16. i probably won't ever love myself 

17. i learned that i basically have the entirety of P&P 2005 memorized 

18. i learned that's its really hard to be tied down to one place and i can't wait to fly on to somewhere else 

19. i still watch my favorite Barbie movies to this day 

and finally. 

20. i learned that my depression and anxiety do not have control over me and life is good.