Life part two


So i know i definitely already posted something similar to this but i'm feeling like a part 2 today. 

-sometimes i feel that i'm going to be stuck here forever and i'm never going to get the chance to chase my dreams and that really scares me. 

-my etsy shop is going well :) i've so far sold 2 copies and i have 28 left. I'm kinda hoping to sell the rest of them before October is over so if you or someone you know would like a copy, the link is here.  

-i really honestly hate advertising my book cause i feel like i'm shoving it down your throats. Cause i know we're all a bunch of broke students who dont have money to throw around so i appreciate every single one of you who purchased and will purchase a copy. 

-i'm so mentally and physically exhausted with life right now. two of my coworkers are leaving to go have surgery and i'm most likely going to have to work seven days a week at that point. thankfully after they get back, i'm leaving. I have to get out of that job, my mental health needs that. 

- i've also been very tempted to just throw a dart at a map and then just leave and break all contact with my life. Adopt a new name and just disappear. 

So yeah, thats been my little update. Sorry this post is a little on the depressing side, i'm just not doing so well right now. However i have been very active on Instagram lately so if you wanna check that out, my username is @thesingingwriter99

I love you all 



  1. I totally understand this deeply and I'm so sorry its been like this. You are loved, you are wanted, and you are appreciated. <3 My DMs are always open as is my email. <3

    1. Thank you Brooke. I appreciate you more than you know <3

  2. I understand this feeling of being tired of everything! Hang in there and remember that the best is yet to come! <333

  3. I know that feeling, the stuck one. It's awful, hope you feel better. <3