Times Are Hard For Dreamers

They say times are hard for dreamers
But they won't be hard for me
I've saved up everything I know
To take that step up beyond the lawn
Keep walking, until I see the station
And then see it go

Inside the train, up through the glass
My finger tracing
All of these towns I've never heard of racing past
Off the train at Paris, half a mile from Sacre-Coeur 
The city's waking up for me!
A sign says an apartment's vacant on the second floor! 
And suddenly I hold a key

I turn a lock, the rooms appear
And all it takes is one more step, and then I'm here! 
Just me behind my door! 
It isn't what I have, it's only what I have in store
That matters now, the past can only fade!
And everything I'll ever need is here
This is how my world gets made

They say times are hard for dreamers
And who knows, maybe they are
People seem stuck, or lost at sea
And I might be a dreamer
But it's gotten me this far
And that is far enough for me

Look out my window there's a view, of other windows
My own museum full of paintings I look through! 
Where everything is clear! 

It isn't where I am, it's only where I go from here
That matters now. And I am not afraid!
As everything I'll ever need appears
This is how my world gets made

This is for the dreamers.

(Song from Amelie the Musical)