some journal excerpts and lyrics


i don't have the answers, not today

its like nothing makes the questions go away 

-wondering-olivia rodrigo 

i feel free, yet there is a burden that i must carry now. 

and you use your pain

cause it makes you you 

though i wish i could hold you through it 

-wake up-madison reyes 

he is simply just a chapter and i must turn the page and move on. 

we're too young, too dumb

to know things like love 

-ghost of you-5sos 

maybe i'm just too broken to find love and maybe that will be my future

and it hurts now but i probably don't deserve love anyway 

all i have is myself at the end of the day 

and all i want is for that to be okay

-all i want- olivia rodrigo 

the future is uncertain and the world is scary 

but all i can do is move forward and work on myself 

Lia <3


  1. wow this hit deep. you are totally worthy of love <3

  2. The song "All I Want" is so good and expresses so many of my feelings. You are the amazing person that God created. He loves you and we all do, too! <3

  3. I love this. you are absolutely worthy of love and the right person will come along when everything is right. it's hard to believe right now, but you'll find your soulmate :)

    a thousand broken words

  4. This is so beautiful! *hugs*
    You definitely deserve love.