NaNoWriMo 2020


Another November, another NaNo.... 

NaNo was very interesting for me this year, because i had originally decided to not do it. But then like 2 days before November, i was like, eh why not? 

So i started a completely new project that does have a title but i'm not revealing to the world until the first draft is done :D 

And on that note i can say, that i definitely did not win NaNo this year :( I tried my very best but unfortunately, life got in the way and i didn't write as much as i should've... (also probably didn't help that i had my 21st birthday and spent several days recovering.....hehe) 

My goal with this book is to write it the same length as my first collection if not a little longer. So during NaNo, i reached 58 poems and my goal is to reach about 130. So i've definitely got a ways to go with the draft! 

That's pretty much it with my NaNo! Tell me how yours was!! 



  1. It was pretty good!!! (despite taking some time off to scare and scar a friend)

  2. Wow, 58 poems! That's really impressive, Lia, even if you didn't quite reach your goal!

  3. I've never heard of someone writing so many poems in a month, so that's awesome! And happy 21st birthday!

  4. 58 poems is still quite a bit. I hope you had a good birthday.