Hey everyone.

Here is the first song. I haven't set it to music, I just write the lyrics.

Talahassee is the first song I ever wrote. I started writing these in November 2015 and have kept them pretty private until now.


Verse 1
She's waiting for him, in the middle of the bridge.

He promised he'd be here, two hours ago.

She looks at her finger

Remembers September

The day that he asked her

And she said yes, he said,

Let's go find Talahassee

Let's go start a future

Even if we're not always together

I'll be there

Let's go find Talahassee

Verse 2
She finally gets a phone call

It's from his sister

She says something happened

You better come quick

She drives up to the hospital

Not really paying attention

They take her to his room

And he smiles up at her


Verse 3
They talk about Florida

Future house and kids

The beeping getting slower

His voice is getting too low

And he says

Go find Talahassee without me

Go start a future without me

Even if you don't see me

I'll always be there

Go find Talahassee without me

Old lady in a hospital bed

The room is filled with people she loves

Surrounded by her grandkids

She remembers the boy that she loved

And the words that he said


Okay guys that was it. I'm literally shaking as I type this because I'm so nervous.

Please, please comment and tell me what you think.



  1. Oh my goodness! Lilah! This is good! Such a sad story...and yet adorable and sweet at the same time. Excellent work, my friend.

    "She remembers the boy that she loved
    And the words that he said"

    Awwwww. Sweetness.

    And when he tells her to go find a future without him. *sob* You should definitely set this to music sometime. Have you ever created your own tunes before?

    You were so brave to share this with us. I know that feeling of nervousness because that's how I feel whenever I share my stories with people...or just my writing in general. I used to feel SUPER nervous every time I'd post something on my blog, but it's getting easier now. Thankfully. :)

    1. Oh my gosh! Thank you Miss March!!

      I've been trying to set it to music but I haven't quite gotten the right feel for it.

      I haven't created any tunes before but I hope to.

      I know!! That feeling of nervousness is so horrible.

      Thank you so much for commenting


  2. Lilah, that was so beautiful! I found myself singing it to myself as I read!

    I think you have a real gift here, I can't wait to see what else you create! Don't stop :)


    1. AGH! Thank you Emma!!!

      I'm really glad you like it :)