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August 18, 2020. My book is finally in your hands. <3 Well.. I suppose you'd have to order it first unless you got the Kindle version and its on that!!

Anyway, i'm not making any dang sense... I hope you love this book as much as i do. I hope it makes you feel things. I hope it cheers you up on your bad days, i hope it brings you comfort to know that you're not alone. <3

Split into two parts, For the Broken Heart, For the Broken Girl, is a raw collection chronicling the author's late teens. The first section, For the Broken Heart, focuses on falling for the wrong guy and the slow steady path to healing. For the Broken Girl focuses on the author's struggle with depression and learning that she doesn't need to carry the burden by herself.

For the Broken Heart, For the Broken Girl is a Lia Marie's first poetry collection.

the way i acted around him
most thought me to be a lamb
when he broke me
i bared my teeth 
and revealed the wolf 

the one thing 
i can never forgive 
is that your ruined all my favorite songs 

perhaps i deserve this 
because i am paying for sins 
i do not remember committing 

we are all lost stars
trying to make it in the dark 
broken hearts, broken souls
finding our way back home 

i hope that you all will give my little book a chance. And i hope that in some ways, it changes your life, its certainly changed mine. :) 

Here's the link to get it on LuLu (cause idk when its going on Amazon..)

Thank you all for joining me on this journey <3



  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I love your poetry. It's beautiful :) I wish I had more money so I could buy it!