"cctober snow got me feelin' so cold, don't know the high, if you can't feel the low//October 2021 RECAP


October was...definitely filled with highs and lows for me. my family went up to northeastern Ohio for a family reunion at the beginning of the month and i got to see some friends i only see a couple times a year so that was really fun! 

the rest of the month was spent working trying to find the energy to write. I went as Nick Miller from New Girl for Halloween. 

i joined a dating app for fun. A guy matched with me and i immediately deleted the app. Soooo that experience was fun. 

"And I hope I never lose you, hope it never ends
I'd never walk Cornelia Street again"

-cornelia street 

i wrote a little bit this month, i'm hoping to get a bunch of poems written for NaNo so i can finally start editing this book. I keep procrastinating writing by trying to figure out the title. So far it's changed 4 times. 

she thought she didn’t need anyone 

she thought she could do life on her own 

but all it took was one boy with shaggy brown hair 

and beautiful eyes 

and then she was done for. 

So since all i do is work and read books, you can probably guess that yes i did get a lot of reading done this month lolol

One True Loves by Taylor Jenkins Reid
King of Scars by Leigh Bardugo
The Hawthorne Legacy by Jennifer Lynn Barnes 
Crush by Richard Siken 
A Night in with Audrey Hepburn by Lucy Holliday 
Meet Me At Midnight by Jessica Pennington
Love and Other Words by Christina Lauren 
Luna and the Lie by Mariana Zapata 

Maybe you'd be happier with someone else
Maybe loving me's the reason you can't love yourself

-ghost town 

let's not ask questions about this one....^^

hehe.. its fine 

we can clearly guess the theme of the month oof 

i tried something different with the wrap up this time so let me know what you think!!! I hope you had a wonderful October and that November brings you joy and peace 



  1. I feel the craziness. october was a hard month for me too. your playlists are always so aesthetic. I hope you're doing well, dear friend <3

    1. Thank you Brooke!! <3 i hope you are too!