Hello There! Part 2

that awkward moment when you say you're gonna come back and then disappear for another month......

my bad

So the world has been kinda crazy, huh? Coronavirus, murder hornets, and now riots. What indeed will be thrown at us next? i really hope nothing because i don't know how much longer i can take this.

Here's a little look at what i've been doing the last month.

-Working. over the last three weeks, work has gotten really bad. I've been working 16 hour shifts 3 or 4 days a week. There was a week straight that i didn't get to eat dinner with my family. Heck i didn't even see my family much that week.  so yeah..... i'm mentally and physically exhausted.

-Editing. i finished editing for the broken heart, for the broken girl. I am very excited and can definitely tell you that i cried a lot when i finished. So hopefully i am one step closer to publishing and you might have my book in your hands by the end of the year.


-Star Wars. I've been on such a big Star Wars kick this month. I'm currently in the middle of binge watching Clone Wars and i am not okay. I love this show so much and i get so emo about Anakin and Padme its not even funny. (expect so many Star Wars posts when i finish it) I also ordered myself a purple lightsaber cause reasons.

-Animal Crossing. I impulsively bought a Nintendo Switch and Animal Crossing: New Horizons because the Internet is obsessed with it and i needed it. And i love it. Its so relaxing and playing it after work just calmed me down so much.  My YouTube feed is filled with so many Animal Crossing videos XD

-Music. Music has also been a big help to me lately. i'm currently working on a big overhaul and reorganization of my playlists. (follow me on Spotify!! my username is Lia99) self promo oop 

So yeah, i promise for real this time i'm not leaving. I love this blog and all of you too much to. Talk to me in the comments! What have you been up to?



  1. Just you saying “16-hour shifts” makes me tired. XD Praying for you to get through this exhausting time! <3

  2. Oh wow that's a lot of hours to be putting in. I have the opposite problem in that I'm not getting enough, but goodness praying for you girl! <3

  3. Work ugh. *sends you hugs and your choice of cookies* Prayers!

    Congratulations on finishing edits!!! So exciting!

  4. That sounds so exhausting! I hope that you can get lots of rest now. <3

    Bring on the Star Wars posts!! :D

    1. Thanks MC! Yes! i have so many planned!

  5. That's a lot of work! I wouldn't be able to function.

  6. Hah! Crying... me. too. I think I found your space kind of recently too but I have enjoyed the bit's of your blog I've seen. What am I up to? A lot and at the same time nothing? I got into knitting. Knitted one awful 40 stitch scarf with lots of holes then tried a 20 stitch one and there wasn't a single hole. o.O Hey I'm excited for that book!

    1. Thanks Vanessa! ANd wow! I tried knitting once but never got into it :(