How We Rise by Brooke Riley//////BLOG TOUR

Hello all!!

Today i am participating in the blog tour for Brooke's book How We Rise by giving a book review. I am very excited about this because i read Brooke's draft back in the early days of this book and was so glad to see how far it had come. 

But first a little about the author!!

Brooke Riley has been seriously writing novels since she was fifteen, the thrill of creating new worlds and broken humans with a greater purpose is something that inspired her to begin writing in the first place. Before then, she hated writing but loved books and literature. She's always been drawn to new worlds and fascinating books. Not limiting herself to one genre, you will find she writes in dystopian one day, contemporary another day, and even historical the day after that.

When she's not writing, Brooke is probably thinking of some random idea for a new novel that's come to her in the most inconvenient of times, and how soon she can make a Pinterest board and Spotify playlist for it.  

i have known Brooke for about 2 or 3 years. i can't remember the exact number aaaaa. She is an amazing person and i am so glad i get to call her my friend. And her writing is absolutely amazing!! 

When the truth gets you killed… will you still Rise?

Raegan MacArthur is content with her simple life. But lately, her life hasn’t been all that simple. She can’t drown out the screams in the night coming from the military base up the road. And she can’t ignore the truth behind them.

Peter Daniels thought moving back to Texas with his mom for senior year was a good thing. A chance to reconnect with old friends and finally feel at home again. But his life now can never be the same as it was six years ago.

Signs of government overreach are everywhere, and an unknown- yet familiar- enemy lurks in the shadows, watching their every move. The government is clamping down tighter and tighter on anyone who resists their ways. Raegan and Peter have to make the hardest decision they've ever faced: will they go quietly to save their lives… or will they rise?  

I love this book for many reasons. The writing is excellent. The characters are well flushed out. The world building is vivid. i honestly couldn't put it down. It only took me about 2 hours to finish it. (and that was only cause i was at work lol)  

How We Rise brought back my love of dystopian which honestly was kinda shocking to me cause i fell out of love with the genre after Divergent lol. 


I'm really trying to not give away any spoilers but the spoilers will be hidden and you can look after you read it!!!!

The plot was amazing!!! i was constantly on the edge of my seat waiting to see what would happen next. And the ending definitely left me wanted more!!  spoilers....... (BROOKE HOW COULD YOU CLIFFHANGER ME LIKE THAT I CANT EVEN........                      



The characters were definitely my favorite part of this book. They were all so well written and i fell in love with them all so fast! 

i related to Reagan a lot. She and i have very similar personalities and she's an amazing main character. 

Let it be said here and now that i would die for Peter Daniels. He is my favorite and i love him, 

I also really liked Evan a lot. He's an awesome character and i can't wait to see how the rest of his story enfolds ...spoilers.. (    ALSO HOLY HECK HE IS AN AMAZING VILLIAN AND I"M NOT SHOCKED THAT I HAVE A THING FOR HIM


There is a huge amazing cast of characters that are so well written and wonderful. i would totally read a 12 book series about each of them. 

And there we have it!! Please definitely go and purchase this book, it looks very well on bookshelves :D  

Thank you Brooke for letting me join the blog tour and i love you and your book very much!!! <3 

i shall leave you all with a selfie of me and the book :D 




  1. This post made me super happy!! I love this so much. Thank you, Lia, for joining the tour and for reading my book. I'm so stoked you love it!!! <3 <3 <3

  2. Yay! I'm so excited that this book is coming out at last!