20 Things I Did Before I Turned 20

Hello all!

So in case you haven't noticed, this is a series MK and i are doing!! But yeah, i'm totally enjoying being 20 and want to milk the heck out of it. Here is the first post and don't forget to check out MK's!!!! 

1. Stargazed in the middle of a field (twice actually already, and hopefully a third time this August!)
2. Ridden a horse. (it was kinda terrifying but fun)
3. Written two drafts for poetry collections
4. Written songs
5. Created a blog! (two actually! sorry CGS...)
6. Graduated high school (thankfully lololol)
7. Took an online class from NYU
8. I've seen Phantom of the Opera twice on stage (and it was amazing!!)
9. I directed an Epiphany play with MK at our church
10. Took a trip to Chicago with Catherine for a conference
11. Started a YouTube channel
12. Attempted to prank something with love letters... 10/10 would not recommend
13. Became an aunt to a nephew and niece (they are  so cute i can't even)
14. Got my first job babysitting (i am not good with kids oof)
15. Went to several concerts, including Hunter Hayes, Damian McGinty, Celtic Thunder, and Brett Young.
16. Read 200 books in one year
17. Attempted to play matchmaker several times and discovered that it was not my calling in life.
18. Broke my toe
19. Memorized a musical in 3 hours
20. Met several blogging friends in person!



  1. And yes! We tried to prank people w love letters TOGETHER. Because friends don't let friends do stupid stuff alone!

  2. I'm curious now about this attempted pranking with love letters that you and MK did...

    200 books in one year!!? That's awesome!

    1. Trust me, you don't want to know. Its cringey...

      That was a good year! :D

  3. I've always wanted to stargaze in a field it sounds amazing.
    Love your list!