gosh, it's brutal out here


Surprise!!!! i'm not dead!!! 

it has been a rough few months to say the least. my mental health has been all over the place and my life has just been the worst. *snort* 

my sister was in the hospital in April and i was left to babysit everyone at my job with no help except for the district manager who i hate with every bone in my body. Soooo that was super fun and i totally almost quit like 47 times. Thankfully she is back now, fully recovered and with a new spring in her step :) 

i've read 26 books in the last few months. i would have read more but i got distracted with fanfiction and a manga. (and also work, how dare the customers interrupt me reading) If you want to follow me on my reading journey, here's my Goodreads :D  

As far as poetry writing is going, i've written one poem in the last six months.... sooo that's awesome. 

i recently went on vacation and had the best time ever. I drove to Colorado with my best friend B to visit her sister!! it is a 25 hour drive from Ohio so that was really long. I got cabin fever 30 minutes in and i'm really lucky my best friend loves me or she would have kicked me out on the side of the highway. 

We drove Pike's Peak and it was amazing, however i did experience some breathing problems and did have to get checked out by a paramedic (he was really cute and i totally wasnt complaining tho...)   but i was fine after a while so no worries! ;) 

i have a million pictures of the mountains because i'm absolutely obsessed now. 

this is my best friend sitting on the very very edge of Pike's Peak. i love her very much but why am i friends with people (see also MK) who like to do dangerous/scary things and then to try to convince me to do them also?  i stayed 30 feet away from the edge at all time LOL 

we also went to a water park and i got a lot of sun. :) we mostly just hung out and spent time with each other which was really fun! (also we went to see Black Widow and when i tell you i sobbed) 

so that's my little life update for y'all. im sorry i went away, i'll try to stick around and i can't wait to chat with all of you again :) 



  1. Lia you're back! *tackles you in a hug* Sorry to hear life has been rough, I hope things continue looking up.

    THOSE MOUNTAINS ARE GORGEOUS. *flails* (I've never been farther west than, like, Indiana. But dang. I might have to change that.)

    1. I'm glad to be back!! AND YOU SHOULD!! and if you ever need someone to come with you, i'm totally ready :D

  2. Sorry that life hasn't been great for you. But cute paramedic is a plus XD