my comfort characters


hello all!! 

ive been wanted to do a post on comfort characters for so long and now i finally get to do it :D 

i have three main ones that im going to talk about! 

Percy Jackson 

i know, i know you're all shocked.. Percy was the first character in a book that i actually truly related to. He got me. And also my very first therapy session, my therapist literally told me to my face, that i was exactly like Percy Jackson. soooo yeah. He told me that i am very loyal and would do anything for the people that i love with no regard to my own mental and physical well being. Sound familiar??? 

i read Percy Jackson when i was 12 and i basically grew up with him so he has always had a special place in my heart and always will <3

Richard Gansey III

This one is fairly recent cause i just finished bingeing the Raven Cycle. But literally Gansey is just *chefs kiss* Again with the loyalty thing, Gansey would do anything for his friends and i just love him so much. His personality is sunshine but secretly he has a dark side and i just relate to that so much. 

i also have a deadly fear of bees too 

Donna Sheridan 

Donna is everything i wish i could be as a person. Shes so fearless and brave. Leaving her home to move to Greece is such goals. Its gonna happen, i'm telling you lol. Her adventurous spirit is one i'm definitely trying to emulate more and i love her so much that i literally bought the outfit she's wearing ^^

So those are my comfort characters!! Who are some of yours? i"d love to know!! 



  1. GANSEEEEYYYYY!!!! The Raven Cycle is my comfort SERIES tbh!! I also would say Peter from my own books. is that allowed? 🙈 he's my comfort character because he just GETS me.

  2. I love the idea of comfort characters! I have actually quite a few, I think? But especially a couple of ones from the Queen's Thief series, and basically every single character in Ranger's Apprentice.

  3. Gansey is amazing! I think Adam might be one of mine.

  4. "Comfort characters" is SUCH a great way of putting it, Lia! Anne Shirley is my primary one. :)

    Your Donna Sheridan outfit is lovely. I've been collecting costume pieces to match H. M. Murdock's outfit in the A-Team so I very much relate to that. :D

    Also YES to loyal characters. I love them so much. Sam Gamgee. Dym Ingleford. Murdock. My favorites.

  5. Love this concept! I haven't actually had any experience with these characters (well, except Donna when she's older) but that's awesome that you relate to them! (And look fantastic in the same outfit!) My biggest comfort character is Luke Skywalker. Just yes! <3

  6. Ooh, this is such a great idea!
    Yes to Percy Jackson! He's the best.
    Um, I'm not sure if I have any comfort characters, actually. Maybe Brittany Pierce?

  7. I think that's so adorable of you to go buy Donna's outfit! I just realized my comfort characters as I read Rhythm of War these last weeks: Kaladin and Shallan. Those two are so dear to my heart!