Why You Should Read Lia's Poetry Collection, from a non-Poetry Lover's Perspective

Greetings from the cave! 

Catherine Hawthorn here, crashing into Lia’s blog for the day to tell you why you... should buy her poetry collection when it’s published on August 18!

So I admit that I am not a poetry lover by default. 

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem with poetry. I’ve even written a line or three myself. But I’m not one of those people that actively seeks out poetry collections. 

This collection, For the Broken Heart, For the Broken Girl, has seriously changed my mind.

Before, poetry didn’t appeal to me because... Most of what I found was just sentiment, or feeling, or, dare I say, fluff. 

Lia’s poems though, have a story. It’s like microfiction, even. Stories and feelings about her own personal life that even I didn’t know about. And I’m practically her sister! 

Besides there being a great story, I’m also looking for a cadence or beauty behind the words. I’m more of a traditional poetry girl, with rhymes and rhythms. Lia’s poetry is free verse and unconventional. So why do I love it so? 

It’s the passion behind the words. The tone is blunt, and it just cuts right through ya. They’re not rants, they’re cries. It really makes you take heed of what the author is really saying. 

In other words...this stuff matters. 

So to make a long story short, if this poetry collection, which is so out of my “normal” comfort zone, is now a favorite for me, then you should read it too!

-Catherine @ TheRebellingMuse and WorkingByCandlelight (also apologies for the weird formatting, Google Docs decided to be a pain as usual *glares*)


  1. Lia, the formatting didn't really go through that well.....

    1. It's just to tantalize us and make us more excited... :D

  2. I didn't use to be much of a poetry fan either, but her poetry made me fall even more in love with it.