smol update


I am still alive, i promise.

Things have just been insane these last couple of week with work and preparing to release my book into the world!!!! (August 18 y'all!!)

There have been a few snags with the book process, which i would say i'm handling well.

Me: i'm handling the stress well

MK: who just witnessed my 9th mental breakdown of the day, sure you are.

But it i haven't been posting on this blog, i might be posting on a blog that i spontanously created a couple weeks ago to be anonymous....

But i'm bored with the anonymity of it and i'm now going to share the link :D

Its a blog specifically for poetry, that i don't feel right posting on my main blog :D

Hope you enjoy it!! And see you soon!!!



  1. First off, how dare you not tell me about your other blog!
    Second off, I'm super excited for this book to come out!! All good journeys have bumps in the road, lol.

  2. I'm flailing over that other blog ngl!!

    I love it.

    (Also you and MK are goals xD makes me think of me and my bestie after I've had a breakdown for the millionth time, hahah. Your book is going to be amazing!)

  3. I hope the book release goes well!

    *goes off to check out your other blog*

  4. Sweet. Can't wait to take a look.

  5. Ah but plot twist! I was also having a mild mental crisis!
    Lia: AAAH
    Me: *is staring at the PDF and trying to figure out what went wrong* but also *so stressed that I am calm* "Maybe try tea?"

    Also LOL the anonymous blog didn't last long. But I'm glad everyone can see you new poems!!!

    1. *totally made hot chocolate instead of tea cause i am 5*