Let's Talk About Anakin and Padme

Hello all!

So i just finished binge watching Clone Wars for the first time. AND I HAVE THOUGHTS. (also a bunch of feels but let's not think about that just yet)


Let's talk about Anakin and Padme.

1. I don't think they should have gotten married.

Yep. i went there. Starting right out with the controversial stuff. But yes, i believe that they shouldn't have gotten married.

First, they had to keep the marriage a secret. And that took a toll of the relationship. They were constantly seperated by Anakin going off to fight in the Clone Wars while Padme had to stay behind on Coruscant. And when they did get to reunite, it was very secretive and only for brief periods of time.

Second, Anakin is not that great at keeping secrets. And he certainly did not even attempt to hide his feelings for Padme from the other Jedi at all. I'm telling you right now, Obi Wan knew. He definitely knew. Also Yoda, he also knew.

This article is interesting. I found the Anakin/Padme and the Harry/Ginny one very true. I don't know about the others since I haven't seen those movies. #romancemovies #indie #romance #movies

2. Anakin should have left the Jedi order.

There was no doubt that Anakin loved Padme but if he really really loved her, he would have left the Jedi Order for her. The problem was is that Anakin was wating for Padme to ask him to leave the Order and Padme was waiting for Anakin to love her enough to make the decision himself to leave.
I do believe that Anakin was preparing to leave but his nightmares about Padme dying influenced him to stay and for Palpitine to swoop in and convince Anakin over to the dark side.

3. Anakin and Padme's relationship did have a lot of toxicity 

While Anakin and Padme are cute and have a lot of good times. Their relationship is filled with quite a bit of toxicity. Growing up in the Jedi Order, Anakin was taught that love and possession are the same thing. Which it definitely is not! So after they got married, Anakin loved Padme but he treated her like she was his possession. You can definitely see this in the Clone Wars. Padme tried her best to show Anakin that love does not mean possession but Anakin was too firmly convinced that it was.

Wedding of Anakin and Padme by Kot1ka on DeviantArt

So yes, Anakin and Padme are definitely not the couple to base your relationship off. Their story is full of tragedy but i truly do believe that they loved each other. I've been reading all the fanfiction of them reuniting in the afterlife, and let me tell you, i have found some good ones. All the feels!!

And with that i'm going to share some of my favorite Anakin and Padme fan videos. And i will be honest, i cried through all of these.

Anakin and Padme //Where's my love? 



  1. All I can think about is that meme where Anakin says, "You're just like I remember in my dreams* and then the caption on Padame (as she looks down) is *aggressively presses panic button*


  2. Yes, yes, and yes! Someone said it! And I haven't even seen Clone Wars... XD