2019 Wrap Up

Hello all! i apologize for my absence for the last few weeks, with Christmas preparations and work and everything, blogging fell to the bottom of my list :(

But here i am to recap my 2019 to the best of my ability :D

let's start with a recap of the months, shall we?


january was pretty chill. (lol that was very unintended) MK and i hung out before she went back to college. We went antiqueing!! and then she left me :( i worked and watched waay too much Netflix.
We also revived Catholic Girl Stuff!!!!


nothing exciting really happened. i worked waay too much. didn't take care of myself. My sister's best friend had her fourth baby so we went for the baptism. i held a lot of babies so that was fun. :)


my niece was born :D she is the cutest little thing ever and i love her very much. we celebrated St. Patrick's Day by watching the Quiet Man and eating corn beefed sandwiches. (MK also decided to go to Europe for spring break instead of coming home to see me :P)


i read a lot and listened to a lot of music. Easter 2019 was good!! Finally saw MK since January :)


i also read a lot and listened to music a lot. But MK came home from school!! And we got together and attempted to make coasters out of clay.... Hers turned out better.

This was mine

we then went to a coffee shop to meet up with our other best friend and we tried gelato for the first time. And then that weekend our best friend graduated and i cried and we had the best weekend. She also introduced me to K-dramas. She started with a military one which is my weakness so i guess i'm kinda into K-dramas now. (oh and we also killed Catholic Girl Stuff :/)


i defaced two of my books this month and it was a lot of fun, i would like to continue doing it :) My best friend A had her graduation party this month and she, MK and i ended up doing a photoshoot in the park, which was amazing. 


i went to a birthday party where i used to live and caught up with old friends. held more babies :D swam at my aunts. read a lot. 


i went on a mini vacation at my aunts. my sister's best friend also came with her four kids, and i have never been more stressed in my life. i don't think i'm meant for kids :/ Catherine came to visit at the end of the month :D 


Catherine left in early September. We had a lot of fun together. We went to my county's state fair, and i rode a Ferris Wheel for the first time. We met Megan Chappie!!! another blogger on here you guys should follow!!!! 


i got accepted in an online music program through NYU this month!!!!! Its going so well! i started gettting into anime and manga again this month :) 


i worked a lot and i did my music program and i started Christmas shopping. 


not a lot happened. Most of the month was spent working and cookie baking. And finishing up shopping. 


My first song i listened to in 2019 was Graveyard by Kelsea Ballerini 

Last song of 2019 was Underage by Kelsea Ballerini 

my top 5 albums of 2019

young forever by Damian McGinty

Wild Blue: Part 1 by Hunter Hayes

Lover by Taylor Swift

Fine Line by Harry Styles

Hadestown OBC 

top 5 songs

Ghost of you by 5sos

Neon moon by Brooks and Dunn and Kacey Musgraves


vincent by Josh Groban

Atlas:Hearing by Sleeping At Last


i read 93 books this year. My goal was 150 but oh well. i can always try again :D 

my top 5 books of 2019 

The Wrath and The Dawn by Renee Ahdieh 

Again, But Better by Christine Riccio 

With the Fire on High by Elizabeth Acevedo 

Romanov by Nadine Brandes

Finale by Stephanie Garber


my word for 2019 was insouciant, which means free from worry or anxiety. In 2019, my mental health was the best it had been since 2015. Which was amazing!!! But 2019 was not without its worries and stresses so it was not perfect. 

In 2019, i wrote an entire poetry collection, which i am currently in the middle of editing. i learned a lot about myself. 

i genuinely feel this with all my heart, 2020 is going to be my year. i feel it. And i hope it is for you as well :) 

I'm not going to pick word for 2020, i'm just going to strive to be the best version of myself i can. 

And with that, here's to 2020!!!!!! 

Happy new year, everyone 



  1. Ooo, what anime/manga are you currently liking?

    Hope you have an amazing 2020! <3

    1. i'm currently into so many lolol. i was planning on doing a whole post about it if you'd like to see that!!!

      Thanks Nicole, i hope you do as well!!!

  2. Have a wonderful 2020, friend! <33

  3. I'm happy to hear that you had a good 2019! Here's to the best in 2020! <3

  4. Happy 2020, Lia! Blessings and grace to you!


    Soooo glad I got to meet you in September. <3

  5. Glad 2019 was such a good year for you! HERE'S TO 2020 BEING YOUR BEST MENTAL HEALTH YEAR YET!!!