Your Assumptions!!!

Alright you guys.....

I initially wasn't going to do this. But then Catherine did it.. And morbid curiosity won me over.

So i need your help.

Can you all tell me your assumptions about me below?? I'm excited to what they are and debunk them!!!



  1. You love a good book, retro is cool, you like black and white movies, poems are fun to read, and you are a sweet soul. <3 <3

  2. You are an EPIC person.
    You love music A LOT.
    You are an extrovert.

  3. You like to go down rabbit trails during conversations.
    Fangirl is your mother tongue.
    You like songs that make you cry/feel things.

  4. Your favorite vegetable = olives
    You tend to fall for people hard and fast
    You like rain
    You favorite color is blue and it's partially because oceans, partially because its pretty and partially because of a fictional character
    You ship Zammie over Jammie
    You like drama queen emo jedi's who wear high waisted pants

  5. You know several bloggers in real life, but I'm not actually sure who they are or how you know them. I think two of them are Catherine and Mary Kate.
    You are Catholic and proud of it.
    You adore music and can't understand how some wouldn't.
    You wish to be a butterfly ... though a caterpillar has a pretty fun life, too ... mostly you just like life, and don't much care what it is you are, as long as it's purposeful.

  6. You're incredibly artistic.
    Music is your life.

  7. you don't like dark chocolate.
    your not as bubbly as most people would think you are.

  8. J+M+J
    You have more then one brother, some of which are younger.
    You sing soprano in a choral setting.
    You love to read.

    The Doorman.

  9. You like evening\nighttime best.
    Loki is your favorite Marvel character.
    Your favorite color is blue, but you also like purple.
    You like sea shells.