My Crazy Weekend///Featuring Sporks, Golf Carts, and Medival Costumes.

Hi guys!

(I am so proud of that title, you guys have no idea :D)

So this weekend was really really crazy. That's pretty much why I wasn't posting this week, but I am here now!

So here's what was happening


We had a Confirmation at our church on Saturday and my mom volunteered to make the cakes for the luncheon that was to follow. So we were delivering the cakes on Friday. My mom had to air conditioner on full speed on the way there, our car was like a freezer, I am so glad I brought a jacket :). We get the cakes in, and go up to the church to sit and pray. We got there an hour before Mass started. And I learned this lesson, never sit on a wooden pew for an hour, your body will hate you. Then after Mass, my mom signed me up to iron the communion rail cloths. That was not fun. Because I was feeling the affects of sitting on that pew. My lower back started spasming. I could barely walk. I was limping around on the altar, trying to iron. (also I really hate ironing)  So yeah, that was Friday)


This day was a doozie. We got up super early (#sootired) to get to church to help prepare food for the luncheon. Food got prepared, we went upstairs to attend the Confirmation and Mass. It went really well! Then the luncheon. The ladies in charge of it had me and another girl carry around trays of drinks to people sitting down and that was not fun! We had to go give the bishop and the priests drinks at their table. Me and the girl I was with are super awkward so that was interesting. We stood a couple feet away from their table for five minutes, working up the courage to go over there. The rest of the luncheon passed without a hitch and soon it was over.

Before this next part, I need to give you guys a little backstory.

Do you guys remember that song I wrote about the guy I was trying to get over? The post is here, if you don't. When I wrote that, I hadn't seen him for two months so I was fine. We go to another church in the summer, because that church is close to my aunt's, who has the pool. In September, when we came back to our "rest of the year" church, I saw him again. My stupid heart probably did a cartwheel in my chest. And basically this weekend taught me that I am still head over heels for him. This boy makes me laugh like a little kid. His smile is so cute and he loves God so much. ......and I'm going to stop now :) (I'm going to stop typing this boy, Catherine and I came up with a nickname for him and from now on, I'm going to refer to him as Spork)

Backstory over.  hehe

Anyway, Spork's little brother was confirmed. So after the luncheon, they had a party at their house. We were invited, so we went. We pull in the driveway and the first thing that comes out of my brothers mouths was, "OOH LOOK SPORK'S SHIRTLESS!!!" What his family forgot to inform us was we were supposed to bring our swimsuits. (yes, the weather is still warm enough to swim) So yeah....I basically just slammed my head into the seat in front of me and groaned. It was a lot of fun!!
Later, they got out the golf carts. A group of my friends took one and the other one Spork was driving and another friend and me got in and rode with him. It was so much fun!!! We were avoiding a group of the other boys who kept jumping on and riding on the sides of the cart. Spork drove us in donuts, down hills and through a field. Eventually they cornered us and jumped on. Soon after that we were leaving and as my family was walking to the car, I went back to use the restroom. I started back towards the car and as I was nearing it SLAM! I hit something......or rather someone. Yep, Spork had walked with my dad to the car and I ran right into him. (it was dark, I couldn't see) Got home and fell into my bed.


And today. 
We went to a Renaissance festival near our church. We had a lot of fun. We watched a joust, that was sooo cool!! My little brother tried throwing a spear at a target. He missed #youtried Then all three of my brother threw tomatoes at this guy is stocks but it was a fun game because as you were throwing, he insulted you. They ended up laughing so hard, they couldn't hit him. We were all in tears XD
We got halfway through the festival when it started to rain. So I was walking through the festival looking like a drenched cat, with a tiara!

We've been relaxing with pizza ever since we got home. 

Hope you like this post! I had a lot of fun this weekend. Enjoy!



  1. OH WOW. I didn't know it was that bad...

    I'm sitting here dying as I'm reading this. I firmly expect to have an all-caps conversation after you read this.

    I miss the Renaissance festival a lot. I need to go back...really soon!

    (I am proud of you for that title, though. That was awesome!)


    1. Glad you liked it! Thanks Catherine! (i'm ready for the all-caps conversation :))


  2. Wow. Busy weekend, but it sounds like you had fun. Spork is an interesting code name, but its very unique to some of the code names I've heard. XD
    Hopefully it all works out. ;)

    And throwing tomatoes at people sounds fun! :D


    1. We're pretty good at coming up with code names XD Thanks Ivie, I hope it does too. Throwing tomatoes is definitely really fun!


  3. Ooooh, sounds like you had fun!!! XD
    Spork is a pretty awesome code name. ;-D
    That made my day. :-D