Come on in...see the new header!!

*blog readers enter in to see a strange girl with their back to them working on putting up something* 

It needs to go a little wider....


Too wide....There! Now it all fits! It's perfect....Lilah, it's re-

*she turns and sees her growing audience gaping at her* 

*hammer bangs onto the ground* 


*hastily hides the guilty hammer* 

You're probably wondering who in the world I am. 
Please, take a seat and allow me to introduce myself. 

My name is Catherine Hawthorn, a.k.a Farm Lassie. I blog over at The Rebelling Muse. I know Lilah very well (we call each other sister). 

Several days ago, Lilah and I were talking about our respective blogs and she mentioned her desire to figure out how to make a header. She had been frustrated in trying to make one, so I offered to make her one. 

And tonight, I'm revealing it to her and you faithful readers! 

As with all of my headers, I try to use uncopyrighted images that convey some kind of significance or something that reveals something about the blog author. So, are you ready to learn about Lilah? Here we go! 

Parchment/Chant Music - As you all probably know, Lilah loves music. But did you know that she sang in our church choir for a few years? She loves polyphony, so I thought it apt to include an image of chant music. 

Book - Lilah is a bibilophile, through and through. She loves aesthetics too, which is why I chose this book. 

Night Sky - Lilah is a night owl. She's often up until 1 or 2 in the morning. This night sky was so pretty...

Theater - Lilah isn't involved with theater, but she loves it very much. Once she graduates from high school, I would not be surprised if she tried out for the stage! 

Chandelier - She hasn't had a chance to fangirl about this on the blogs (to which I'm actually surprised at), but Lilah is a HUGE Phantom of the Opera Phanatic. This picturesque chandelier is the perfect symbol! 

Broadway - Lilah loves Broadway!!! She's a big musical fan (as you probably have figured out by now..). It was SUPER difficult to find an uncopyrighted picture of Broadway movie posters (I had to crop this one from a big photo of Times Square, so please forgive the horrible quality, Lilah). 

 Beach - Lilah is a water girl, and the beach is one of her favorite places to be! 

White Cherry Blossom - Lilah (and I) are kindred spirits to Anne Shirley. After searching around aimlessly for something Anneish, I remembered that Anne loved the Snow Queen, which was a white cherry tree. She also mentions that she would "climb up in that white cherry tree to sleep" if Matthew never picked her up from Bright River. Hence, this little cluster of white cherry blossom was a perfect cap for this header.

Sea Green Background - Lilah told me that her favorite color was sea green. I managed to find this sea green wall that was just distressed enough that I thought she would like. 

New Favicon - For those that have Lilah on a blog list, I have changed her favicon to a red rose. Another tribute to the POTO fanfic, as well as Lilah's very romantic nature. 

*looks at clock*

Well, enough of my chatting! I need to go get Lilah...y'all enjoy the header! 

Scribblingly yours, 


  1. Replies
    1. I literally just saw it a minute ago too!!! Its so beautiful!!


    2. Thank you Gray! So glad you both like it!!


  2. So beautiful!!!
    The favicon hasn't changed yet, but mine took a few days to change, so I'm sure its going to happen soon. Oh my goodness, this is just beautiful!!
    Great job, Catherine. :D

  3. Lovely! I love how each image has a meaning! <3

  4. Oooooh, it's so pretty!!! Great job, Catherine!!! XD