Saturday, September 2, 2017

End of August//Senior Year//I'M NOT READY FOR IT

So if you read the title, you know what's this is about.

(How is it September already??? Whaaaaaaa)

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So I started my senior year this fall. 

I didn't think this year would come this fast. 

I'm ok with it so far. I mean, it's hard to imagine that next year I will be finished with school and have to get a job. Unfortunately due to our financial situation, I will not be able to go to collage. I guess, I was pretty much set on going to collage and based my life plan around that. Now.. it feels like all my hopes and dreams are in pieces and I don't quite know how to pick them up. I'm praying God will send me a sign or something to help me figure out what to do.

Oh! I have an announcement!

I will be on hiatus from September 3 to September 10. I am going on a little vacation and I will not have access to Blogger. I will still have access to email though, so if you miss my company that much, ;) send me an email. I like emails. :D



  1. Replies
    1. That's so hard about college, I'm sorry. God has a plan for you, don't give up hope on that. <3

  2. There isn't any law that says you can't go to college when you're older. I just started grad school, and at least half of my class are older adults that waited to get their masters until midway through their careers. Your dream is only on hold for a while, little sis, not shattered completely.


    1. I know I know. I just really wanted to go now. Thanks big sis!


  3. I'm sorry that you can't go to college, for now, at least. Just keep praying, and I'm sure God will show you the way. <3

  4. College isn't always the answer. Everyone has a path and God is taking you on a different one. Sometimes, we plan our lives out and forget to see what God thinks. I speak from experience. I had my life planned out since I was seven. I knew what I wanted to do. Then God rocked my world and told me that wasn't my path. Letting go of a dream I has most of my life is hard. But there is something greater planned for you.

    Of course, what you want may be what God wants, too. He just wants you to learn something first before you follow your dream, and He plans to teach you before you go off to college. Enjoy the time you have now to just be.

    Have a wonderful hiatus. God bless you, Lilah!


    1. Thanks Ivie! I really needed to hear that.


  5. I hope you're hiatus is going great! We miss you, Lilah!


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