Camp NaNoWriMo July 2017

Hello everyone!

I won Camp NaNoWriMo!!!! Sort of......

I wrote 2,000 words this month. Which doesn't sound like a lot but for me it was an accomplishment.

And guess what? To celebrate, y'all are going to get to read some snippets.

I quicken my pace, then SLAM! I knock into something and fall on the ground. "Oh, I'm sorry!" I hear, "Let me help you up." Looking up, I behold the most gorgeous boy I have ever seen staring down at me.

"So the new guy," she said, "what was that I interrupted?" She gasped. "Were you having a moment?"

I groaned and glanced at her. "No, we were not having a moment. We just met and he thought he gave me a concussion." "That is the farthest from a moment ever!"

I opened the door to the music room and walked to the piano. Ah, finally I get to practice! I play a few bars to warm up and get my feeling back for the keys. I launch into the Moonlight Sonata. It echoes throughout the room and I feel at peace.

There you go!!

Things I learned this month:

Telling yourself to write each night is hard!!!!! I used to write when I felt like it, but writing every night is very difficult.

I never realized how fun making a Pinterest board to inspire you is.

Movie soundtracks are the best thing to listen to while you write.

Never mess with Gray and other Lord of the Rings fangirls. They will come after you with battle axes and bows!

Hope you enjoy the snippets!



  1. I ADORED the snippets!

    Also yes, don't mess with me on the LOTRs, Lilah! XD

  2. Lol, the mob. Great job on the snippets. Congrats on achieving your goals. <3

    1. I didn't know people would fear my "mob" so much... XD

    2. Thanks Gray and Ivie! And yes Gray, your mob is very feared.


    3. Lol, I think its more about the idea of playing along. Honestly, that whole dialogue had me laughing the whole time. But I totally get it. I would be the same way with people who said they hadn't watched How To Train Your Dragon 1 and 2. I would be surprised, then tell them they need to because ... TOOTHLESS!

      Anyway, yes the mob is feared as we do not want to cross angry fandoms. It is a dangerous deed. I have seen it happen to others. ;)

  3. I am loving the snippits! Thank you so much for showing them to us!

  4. Haha, yes it is hard to write every night.

    Your snippets are good, Lilah!