*waves sheepishly*

I have not posted a song since......March. oooooooh das bad. My inspiration just was not co-operating.

Inspiration: Oh you want to write a song? Lol, that's funny.

Me: *aggressively slams head into desk*

I finally wrote something!

The story behind it is I'm trying to get over someone. That I never even dated. Pathetic, I know.
I realize that maybe a bunch of other girls he and I know probably have a crush on him also. And they've known him longer and I know now that I don't have a chance. So I'm just going to get over him now and save myself the heartache.


Verse 1.
I never leave my comfort zone
I couldn't talk to strangers even if I tried
You're always in the spotlight
I stay in the background

Why can't I talk to you
Why can't I tell you how I feel.
Why don't you notice me
Why must I love you from afar?

Verse 2
I see you standing with your friends
smiling that smile that makes me want you
But all the other girls are talking to you
and I don't stand a chance

Repeat Chorus

Why does your smile make me want you
Why are you so far away
Why don't you notice me
and why, do I have to watch you fall for her

Repeat Chorus



  1. Lilah, this blog looks so cool!!! The description is just spot-on perfect. "I am a 17 year old aspiring writer. Obsessed with musicals. Need help" << XD

    And this song sounds really cool! Not knowing the tune, it's hard to imagine it, but the lyrics are good!! <3

    1. Hi Olivia! Thank you so much. I haven't written a tune yet but I hope to be able to play it on the piano and I might record it and post it.

      I am obsessed with musicals! Probably too much for my own good!! Hahahaha


  2. I went through what the lyrics were the describing when I was twelve, I sort of fell for a family friend who was eighteen, and I had to realize that I didn't stand a chance with him ever.

  3. I feel you Gray. It's nice to know someone else has gone through the same thing and understands. (Well it's not a nice situation but you get my point, hopefully)



  4. Definitely sympathizing over here... Hang on in there, gal.