Sunshine Blogger Award


So i was tagged for this twice actually!! By MovieCritic and the Maidens of Green Gables :) So onward, shall we? 

MovieCritic's questions: 

1.  What book do you wish your favorite actor or actress could have starred in an adaptation of?

um i don't know actually? Two of my favorite book series are actually already being/already made into tv series (six of crows/grisha trilogy and percy jackson!) So i'm excited to see the actors and actresses in those! 

2. Are there any movies you like better than the book they were based on?

Yes! the How To Train Your Dragon trilogy is waaaay better than the books! 

3. Comedies or dramas [or do you like them equally]?

i would have to say that it depends on my mood. Sometimes i prefer comedy, other times drama! 

4. If you were in an action movie, what would be your weapon of choice?

Would definitely have to be a bow and arrow. The aesthetic of that! Just *chefs kiss* 

5. Is there a particular song that you would show to people if you were trying to explain yourself -- your personality, your heart, your aesthetic, your inner landscape -- in musical form?

Could i actually just use a playlist? 

6. What non-story-related hobbies do you enjoy?

listening to music, bullet journaling, making playlists, and annoying my siblings 

7. Top three favorite TV shows [fictional or not fictional or both]? 

Julie and the Phantoms

New Girl 


8. What are the best and worst books that you've read so far this year?

I actually havent read any terrible books this year. All of them have been really good! 

The best ones so far have been 

Love and Olives by Jenna Evans Welch 

The Paper Girl of Paris by Jordyn Taylor 

A Thousand Boy Kisses by Tillie Cole 

9. What is your favorite movie that was made during the Hays Code, 1934 - 1968?

i literally just spent five minutes googling the Hays Code.... and i can't find any examples of movies made during it so i have no idea....... 

10. If given the opportunity, which movie scene would you re-do?

The entire Sea of Monsters movie so that its just an hour and a half of Luke saying "Don't walk on my roof!" 

11. What are your thoughts on time travel?

It happening in real life?? not likely.

In movies? if they explain and execute it well. 

thank you MovieCritic for the wonderful questions!!! i liked them a lot! 

Maidens of Green Gables questions: 

1. If you had to spend a year in any place in the world, where would it be?


2. Who is someone you look up to in life?

my sister :) 

3. What is your favorite history fact/story?

i wrote my last senior research paper on the Romanov family and i've always been so interested in learning about them. 

4. What's a new interest that you've discovered? 

i don't really have any? i just focus on the same things that i like til i get bored and only then do i find something else. So far, i haven't found anything new :( 

5.What would you sing at Karoke Night?

umm only if i was very very drunk and then that means that i won't care about what other people think about my voice..... 

6. What historical event would you have liked to witness firsthand if you could have?

umm probably the Miracle of the Sun! i would have liked to see that :) 

7. Would you rather learn how to keep bees and harvest honey or learn the uses for all the different wild herbs, plants and trees? 

definitely the plants and trees! i don't like bugs :/

8. What are two of your pet peeves?

when people have strings hanging off their clothes and won't let me take them off (aka my sister) 


people that are rude to fast food and retail employees. ( i can and i will fight them)

9. Do you collect anything?

i have a really bad sticker obsession....

(it could be worse???)

10. What motivates you to work hard?

that if i work hard enough, that i'll be able to support myself and travel. 

11. What movie quotes do you use on a regular basis?

too many to count lololol 

but here's a few :D 

"You should write a book! How to offend women in five syllables or less!" 

Thanks for the questions y'all!!!! I'm not going to tag anyone but if anyone wants any of these questions, feel free to take it!!! 



  1. LIA.

    You legit have more classic movies than I do. JUST PICK A MOVIE FROM THE 1940s-1950s FOR THE HAYS QUESTION.

    *Smacks you*

  2. Hmm, sounds like I'll have to watch the HTTYD trilogy. :)

    Okay, your quotes are hilarious. XD

  3. yessss httyd was better for the movie than the books. I love httyd!!!

  4. Great answers!
    I really need to watch HTTYD now. I saw the first one, but that was forever ago.
    I love the quotes. The last one is so accurate, especially.

  5. I've been enjoying listening to your playlist. <3 Ah, I love the HTTYD movies! I didn't get through the first chapter in the books. XD My sisters and I rewatched Anastasia yesterday and my favorite part is totally Bartok! Everything that he says is the beeeeeeeeest. When I first heard about the Hays Code I was super confused, so no worries!

    Happy New Year! <3

  6. Love New Girl, my brother and I quote it a lot, mainly Schmidt. XD

  7. I'm so sorry to be just reading this now! (I'm catching up on my blogging reading) That's so funny about your sister not letting you pull off loose strings! Grace has a similar peeve about straitening my clothes if they get rumpled :) :) Wow, that's cool about the paper you wrote on the Romanov's! Are you an Anastasia (the musical) fan? I really love that quote of Declan's that you included! So funny!

  8. Ooh How to Train Your Dragon is a really good answer for that.


    And it makes me so mad when people are rude to people in customer service. *eye roll*