Camp NaNo 2020

in regards to my last post, that was an April Fools joke. (i'm sorry hehe)
Thank you for all the concerned comments, they meant a lot <3 
But now on to the regularly scheduled program!!

Hello all!

I've decided to Camp NaNo this year! (obviously as i am posting this lol) I was originally going to work on three projects but since i finished one before Camp, i'm only doing two. (Go check out my previous post if you are interested in beta reading!)

So on to the two projects, i am working on!

for the broken heart, for the broken girl. EDITING

I still need to finish this. Right now i need to print it all out and then figure out the best way to order it all. You would think that i would have no trouble with that but i procrastinate too much. And then once i finish ordering it and putting the last finished touches on. I will probably do a gamma reading!! So be on the lookout for that :)

7 days in a field of sunflowers. DRAFTING

This was originally a romance poetry collection but since its hard to write about love when you aren't in love, i scrapped that idea. But i loved the title too much to scrap that too. So i revamped it into a self love collection. i still have to write most of it so i'm excited to get working on that.

Are any of you doing Camp this month? If so, my username is Lia99, send me a buddy invite so we can encourage each other!!!!



  1. Omw, I LOVE your WIP names. <33 I'm doing Camp Nano!!! I'll be sure to find you on the website. <33

  2. Good luck on all your projects, I can't wait to read your books when they come out! By the way we nominated you for a couple of tags!