Blogoversary Q&A part 1

Hello all!


i honestly should have seen this coming but i didn't. MK retagged me for the tag she created after i did my first Q&A. At least its not 115 haha

One song on the radio that annoys you?

Tequila by Dan + Shay

One song that you love and sing along to everytime it comes on the radio?

Wanted by Hunter Hayes

Favorite and least favorite genre of music?

Favorite: country, pop, indie
Least favorite: screamo

Last song you listened to?

Moral of the Story by Ashe

Song you've been listening to a lot?

Like Real People Do by Hozier

Favorite music video?

I Want Crazy by Hunter Hayes

Are you listening to music right now?

Shockingly no. My sister is watching a TV show and i'm listening to that (its Somebody, Feed Phil on Netflix)

Favorite romantic song?

Adore You By Harry Styles

Last song you cried during?

All I Want by Olivia Rodrigo

Last song that made you laugh?

Cotten Eyed Joe (for reasons i can't say but trust me you don't want to know)

A song you like in a different language?

Never Ever by GOT7

Favorite summer song?

Castle on the Hill by Ed Sheeran

Road trip song?

Rollercoaster by Bleachers

Put yourself to sleep song?

The Mountains of Mourne by Celtic Thunder

While you read song?

Any instrumental mix on Youtube

While you study song?

don't really study anymore :/

Last song on your playlist?

i'm gonna pick my soft emo playlist I Walked These Streets in November by Caroline Manning

A song that makes you want to dance?

Shut Up and Dance by Walk the Moon


Rule The World by Walk Off The Earth

Instrumental song?

Sun Flower by charlie dreaming

A song with a color in it... do you love it or hate it?

Golden by Harry Styles LOVE IT

A song that means a lot to you right now? 

Truce by Twenty-One Pilots

Favorite Disney Song?

Go The Distance from Hercules

Favorite Disney love song?

I See The Light from Tangled

Disney song you hate/dislike?

You're Welcome from Moana

Favorite Disney soundtrack as a whole?

Hunchback of Notre Dame

Make a playlist for your favorite season ... has to be at least 5 songs long

Rain by Ben Platt
Circles by Post Malone
Like Real People Do by Hozier
Light On by Maggie Rogers
Hold Me While You Wait by Lewis Capaldi

What are your comfort songs?

All Too Well by Taylor Swift
Saltwater by Damian McGinty

Winter song that is not about Christmas OR a typical Christmas song? 

White Winter Hymnal by Pentatonix

A song with food in it?

That's Amore

The music you listen to while cleaning your room?

Anything really. Whatever i'm in the mood for

Song for each of your top favorite holidays?

Christmas: White Christmas
Fourth of July: American Soldier

What movie/TV show theme can you sing?

Friends, Miraculous Ladybug, New Girl

A song not about relationships, boys, love or anything super serious or sad?

Warriors by League of Legends

A folk tune you like?


A song that always gets stuck in your head?

Blinding Lights by The Weekend

Workout playlist?

Wedding playlist?

haha no...

Do you have a song that reminds you of one of your OTPs? (please not Reylo *gags*)

excuse you Reylo is beautiful.

Starving by Hailee Steinfeld

A song that you feel different about after seeing the music video and whether you still like it or not?

The Man by Taylor Swift. I am just confused now..

A song you would recommend to everyone?

Dancing with your Ghost by Sasha Sloan

A song that is super catchy but you don't like it cause you don't like the meaning behind the words or you just don't like it?

Speechless by Dan + Shay. I've heard this song so many dang times i'm so tired of it

A song you listen to while pretending you're listening to someone talk?

my mother raised me right so i would never but also an instrumental mix on low so i can hear :D

a children's song you like?

*forgets every children's song i've ever heard*

A lullaby you would sing to your own children?

All is Found by Kacey Musgraves

A song that is your theme song?

Break my heart again by FINNIAS

Favorite musican?

Hunter Hayes

Favorite book about a musican?

P.S. I Like You by Kasie West

5 favorite musicians and 5 of their songs?

Hunter Hayes: Still
Taylor Swift: All Too Well
Damian McGinty: Saltwater
NF: Therapy Session
Hozier: Like Real People Do

Favorite music blogs?

i dont really follow any but if anyone else does, let me know so i can!!!

An unknown/lesser known musician?

Will Jay

Favorite radio station?

don't really listen to the radio much anymore..

What musician do you listen to the most?

Say it with me: Hunter Hayes

Rihanna or Beyonce?


Listen to a song by Justin Bieber and write a paragraph review on it?


Last musical you watched?


Musical you've never watched but really want to?


If you could only pick one musical to see on Broadway, which would it be?


Favorite musical score from a movie that's not a musical?

Pride and Prejudice 2005

The last musical you belted while walking around your house?

Love Never Dies

A song from your favorite musical you hate/dislike?

The Bottom Line from Newsies

Favorite song from the Greatest Showman?


Do you have any musical merch?

i have a pamphlet thing from Anastasia. a keychain from Anastasia. 

And that is the end of part one!!! it is currently 11:58 at night and i can barely keep my eyes open so hopefully i will finish part 2! 


(note from fully rested Lia. i actually didn't end up finishing this til 2am so oof)


  1. I'm sorry! It would have been longer, but its been so crazy lately. Don't worry! I'll spend ALL year thinking of good questions for next year!!!

    1. WAIT.


    2. oh boy i am excited..


  2. We have similar taste love Hozier, Ashe, and Harry Styles are all so good!