My Lenten Resolutions 2020

Hello all!

I'm sorry for my absence in the last couple of weeks, i had to take a step back and clear my head. But i am feeling much better!! 

Lent is next week (its tomorrow cause you procrastinated this post Lia) and i've decided to list my penances here so that you all can keep me on track :D
If you don't know what Lent is, allow me to explain :)

Lent is a 40 day period of fasting, sacrifice and mortification before Easter. For a more deeper look into it, go check out Catherine's post!!! She does a better job of explaining that i could. 

1. Spend less time on social media. 

My goal for Lent is to not go on social media except for Sundays. The only ones i shall continue to use regularly are Hangouts and Pinterest. Hangouts because i use that to talk to everyone. And Pinterest for poetry inspiration. 

2. Spend more time on creative projects.

i have a lot of projects lying around my room because i constantly start things and then never finish them. i get distracted a lot lol. But i'm taking the time that i would normally spend on social media to work on them! i have a crossstitch project that i started freshman year to finish still. I want to work on some of my notebooks and catch up on my bullet journal. And i'm going to buy a new desk so that means rearranging my room again XD

Last year, i put so many goals on myself and i think that's why i failed in a lot of them. So this year i decided on two. I hope that i'm able to stick to them, and that's why i'm relying on you all to yell at me to see if i am sticking XD 

If you are doing Lent, let me know what you are giving up? Talk to me below!!!

Lia <3


  1. I usually try to give up social media, too. I always spend so much time on it and I like to focus on other things in Lent. Good LUCK (Life Under Christ the King)!

  2. I love these bits of advise. So important to do what you want to in the moment too. Once you feel like you want to write- do it. Stop saying later!

  3. Good goals! I have been trying to spend less time on social media and failing badly.