A Story of Hair

Hello all!

First, i would like to begin by stating that you may notice that things look a little different around here. :D I decided i wanted to make my blog look a bit more professional and neat. I think its looks pretty good if i do say so myself :D.

Anyway on to the story! (which may include some comments from a special guest) ;)
(That would be me. ‘ello.)

So i got my hair cut last week. Quite dramatically, i might add. Its very short, shorter than i've ever gone before. Let me explain.

A couple months ago, MK and i decided that in May, when she got back from school, we were going to cut our hair really short and test hair growing hacks and see which ones actually worked.

But then we were planning our get together during winter break, she said, "why not cut it now and test the hacks in the two months we wont see each other?"

And me being me. i was like, that's a GREAT idea. Nothing will go wrong at all.

(I, however, was NOT anticipating that she would agree. Of all my dumb ideas, why that one? WHY NO SKYDIVING????)

So Sunday, January 5 arrives and i mentally prepare myself to lose a good chunk of my hair. So after church, we go to the mall and walk around for a bit. Then we decide to go ahead to the salon and do the big cut. We get there and find out that they have no free time to do our hair. (much to my great relief) So we go ahead and give up on that plan and decide we just won't cut our hair that day. We walk to Panera Bread and hang out there for a while before MK discovered that there was a Great Clips nearby that was open. (fool, fool. I should have kept it to myself…) So we decided to walk there and get our hair cut!!

I suppose i should mention that MK and i were both wearing 2 inch heels so that was a mistake in and of itself. We walked like half a mile to that dang Great Clips and had to wait 30 minutes to get our hair cut. (and it was coooold.)

i get called first and show the hairdresser what i want. She starts cutting. It was very dramatic, i almost cried.

(The one of the ladies cutting hair just stood there the whole time like,
“Why are you doing this?”
“Your beautiful hair. Why? WHY?”
“You can still back out now”
And I thought about NOT going through with it, but then I turned around and Lia’s locks had been chopped so...RIP my hair.)

She finally finished and i put my glasses back on and just stare at myself for 2 minutes. i hated it so much. It was so much shorter than i wanted and i just couldn't believe it.. I just got up and paid and then waited for MK to finish up. Then i went back to Panera to wait for my mom and i facetimed my friend B and cried for 20 minutes to her about my hair.

It took me a couple days but i've grown to like my hair and i think it looks really good!!! MK's also looks amazing! I changed my profile picture over on the sidebar so you can see my hair :)

I hope you guys enjoyed!!!!!



  1. Short hair is drastic -- been there done that. I will say it was more of a shock for my dad then anyone. *Clears throat* He didn't find out until afterward....
    But good for you for taking the plunge!!! <3

  2. Your hair looks so good! Every time I see someone cut their hair so short I want to so badly because it looks awesomeee on them, but I'm honestly not brave enough and I've always been told my hair is like my "one beauty" so eek, but maybe one of these summers I'll rile up the courage! ;)

    1. You should! i believe everyone should cut their hair short at least once! Thank you!!

  3. Lia, it looks so cute!!! <3 I just can't believe that MK came up with the idea in the first place. XD The shortest that I've cut mine is to my shoulders, but I want to try really, really short sometime. Make sure you keep us updated on the growing back hacks!

    1. This is not even the worst thing she's come up with XD i will!!!

  4. You look great! I'm excited to see which hacks works.

    and this is a petition for MK to do a face reveal and show her haircut. (anyone who agrees comment below me and say you agree. I am not afraid to get a bunch of torch and pitchforks so we can find MK and make her do it. xD xD)

    1. Thanks! me too!

      And she's not really comfortable sharing her face online so that probably wont happen :( But good luck trying!! :D

  5. You rock it! I would be terrified to cut my hair too though.

  6. I'd be terrified to cut my hair so short. But I do have a theory for hair growing fast and thick: shaving. I mean when guys cut their hair so short it always grow back nice and thick. For this reason I plan to shave my girls heads until they are like five to encourage thick locks. I think I'm kidding;b

    I do want to dye my hair green and pink though. Fun story!

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