Life is weird.

Life is also very wonderful and sad and awful but its what we've got so we'll get through it. Life has kinda also been kicking me in the pants lately. And simultaneously opening up some doors for me that  i thought would never open..

Like i said, life is weird.

i go to school now. Coming from someone who was literally counting the days when i would be finished with school is really something. It wasn't really until a couple months ago when i realized that i missed it. i was very shook. And then when this music program offered me a spot, i had to take it! I am very happy to be doing homework again, you have no idea. :D

Things no one tells you about being an adult:

You have to schedule your own doctor appointments no matter how much you beg your mom to do it.... And that's why i still haven't gone to the chiropractor......


When you get up at 5am almost every day for work, your body does it naturally on your day off. Why body??

Its really hard to schedule hangouts with your friends, cause either you're working or they are. So you just text each other "we should hang out!" until you die i guess.

You have to pay taxes now. Taxes are such adulty things *shudders*

Apparently as a kid i thought adults had all the answers. Now i'm just like haha no. We don't know what we're doing, we're winging it!

I have to be responsible now. This happened the other day at my church. One of the moms was looking for someone to look after a group of kids for our All Saints Day party. And i was looking around for some adult responsibility. Then one of the moms was like, "you can do it, you're an adult now" And then i sat in the corner and had an existential crisis...

i'm legally old enough to get married. Like what?

ok writing this is making me have an existential crisis..

I'm doing NaNo this month!! It was very unplanned because i was originally not going to. But then a secret project revealed itself. So i am very excited to reveal it at the end of the month!!

You may all be wondering. "Lia didn't you kinda do a post like this a couple weeks ago?" i did. But i had more thoughts that needed added. Also i'm kinda turning 20 tomorrow so i had to freak out about it.

Anyway, tell me what's up with you!
Lia <3


  1. Happy birthday, Lia! (The 12th of the month is the perfect day for a birthday, just sayin'. Not that I'm biased as a September 12 baby or anything.) j

    I feel ya on all the adulting things. "So you just text each other 'we should hang out!' until you die I guess." <<<that is the most relatable thing ever.

    Can't wait to hear about this secret project!!! I'm sure it'll be awesome.

    1. Thank you Megan!!! <3 i'm very excited to share more about it!

  2. I love your Profile picture!!!
    so sparkly

  3. Ahh life is so weird. And I'm totally getting that mix of hard and wonderful tbings right now. Stress overload, yes? Also ... I don't pay taxes and never plan to, which is part of the theme of my new blog THE GIRL WHO DOESN'T EXIST. Just had to put it out there that not all adults do it.

    So freaky that we're old enough for marriage!? Miss being a kid sometimes haha


    1. i do too! I never realized how easy we had it as kids until now. I'm very interested in reading more about your journey over on your blog!!

  4. I always forget I'm old enough to marry (hello 21) and then I realize how much I love being single...I guess when I'm ready I'm ready.

  5. Adult life is strange and hard. There are really great things but there balanced out by all the responsibility and stress. XD