The Book Spooktacular Linkup!

Hello all!

This is a linkup i got from Skye's blog! She is doing a blog tour called the Book Spooktacular! i decided to join in and give my answers :) (also this was totally supposed to be out like two weeks ago but as we all know i am not good at time management.....)

the autumn list

1. movie with autumn vibes. 

Hocus Pocus!!! My sister and i watch it every year!! 

Hocus Pocus

2. song that you associate with autumn 

Wake Me Up When September Ends by Green Day. 

3. book with ghosts

i actually don't know any books with ghosts so i can't answer this :/

4. scariest movie you've seen

Scared Stiff

5. the best autumn quote

sad birds..

6. book cover with autumn vibes
Heartless (Hardcover) (Marissa Meyer)

*cries many tears* 

7. your favorite candy of the season

caramel apple lollipops 

8. movie or book with themes on death or rebirth 
(can i answer Heartless again?)

i don't have answer to this one either, sorry!!

9. YouTube channel you associate with autumn 

SimplyNailogical has great Halloween videos. For the past 3 years she's dressed her cats in different costumes and its the funniest thing i have ever seen. 

10. your favorite fall beverage

i love apple cider! i also love a good caramel frappuccino 

Those were my answers!! Hope y'all enjoyed! Let me know in the comments what your favorite candy is?? 

Lia <3 


  1. Ooh, I love apple cider - I think we're making some this week, and I can't wait!
    Have you ever heard the song Autumn Leaves? This post's aesthetic really reminded me of it...

    1. i haven't but i'll be sure to check it out!!

  2. You did it!!! Thanks for joining!
    Loved all your answers, Hocus Pocus is perfect.
    SimplyNailogical is hilarious, I've seen a couple of her videos.