Wild Blue Album Review

Wild Blue Pt. 1 - Hunter Hayes

Hey guys!!

Today i am here to give you an album review. Hunter Hayes's Wild Blue Part 1. This album was released on August 16, 2019. I haven't stopped listening to it since it released lol!

Track List
Wild Blue
One Good Reason
Dear God
Loving You
My Song Too
One Shot
Night and Day

This album is one i relate to very deeply. Hunter did say that this was his most personal album yet and i honestly didn't expect for it to hit as hard as it did. i stayed up til midnight for the release and ended up in a puddle on the floor by the end. 

My favorite song from the album is Still. i actually didn't listen to songs in order so this one was the first i listened to. i was okay til the lyric. "Heart find rest, don't feel the need to beat yourself to death." And it hit deep and i just started crying and i really didn't stop til the album was over. 

Warning: He does swear a couple of times in this album, its in the songs Dear God and One Shot. 

i would recommend this album for anyone who dealing with heartache,dealing with self confidence struggles, honestly everyone should listen to it! 

Hope you guys enjoyed this and i hope you listen to it :)



  1. I haven't listened to much Hunter Hayes, but this sounds so good.