5 Things I Do When I'm Feeling Drained or Overwhelmed///Guest Post by MK

Hey guys. Lia here! (obvs, its my blog lol) But MK graciously agreed to guest post and I am very excited to share her post!!!! 

So without further ado!

Tis I! MK from Sarcastic Scribblings! 
And I am an exhausted and stressed college student! Ergo, I constantly feel overwhelmed. Most of the time I just wallow in the pain or work through it, but occasionally I try to do the healthy thing and actually fix the problem. And these five things are some of the first things I turn to. (Also naps. I don't know why sleeping isn't on this list...Maybe because I never have enough time?)

  1. Take a Walk
    The first thing I do is I take a break and get a snack. The first thing it does is give me a break from whatever I’m working on, but it also gives me food which I like. The main thing though is I have to walk to the shop on the corner or to the convenience store on campus. Walking is great, running is great. Now, it takes a few minutes to do it, so when I’m really crunched for time and I’m studying with a bunch of friends in one of the empty classrooms, I just get up and go run up and down the stairs twice. It’s simple but it helps. Give your brain something different to focus on. Let it switch from mental to physical for a little bit. 
  2. Listen to Music
    ONLY listen to music. Don’t study. Don’t shower. Don’t be doing anything else. One of the problems I run into is that my mind is constantly jumping from project to project and task to task. AND IT IS EXHAUSTING. Even when I go to bed, it’s like my mind is still whirling a thousand miles an hour. So I just turn on something without lyrics, lie flat on my back (which is also great if I’ve been sitting for too long!) and do absolutely nothing but make sure I’m not thinking about anything. NOTHING. MAKE SURE YOUR MIND HAS NOTHING TO DO
  3. Make Lists
    I love lists. They keep my life in order and writing down your plans or goals or tasks makes everything seem more orderly. 
  4. Clean
    There is a reason why my side of the room was always super clean. I DUSTED THINGS. I REORGANIZED MY DESK ALL THE TIME. And it helps! This is another one of those organizing one thing suddenly makes your whole life feel organized sort of things.
  5. Bake
    There is something about following the directions to an easy take and measuring thing that is super soothing. Plus, you get cupcakes or some other delicious treat at the end! There was one night before final’s week last semester where I was out in the common room studying and everyone who walked through was offered a cupcake. Because I had 24. (I think I also personally ate six of them. In one sitting. I also ate the leftovers the next morning.)

    What do you do when you feel overwhelmed? And what do you do with excess baked goods? 



  1. THIS IS SUCH GOOD ADVICE my goodness. So far this semester, "making lists" has been my go-to stress reliever, but I reeeally need to implement some of these other ones. Listening to music is a great idea. And I think I'll go take a walk right now. :)

    1. It is good advice!! I plan on implementing it myself!!!!

  2. yes to CLEANING! Made me happy to see it make the list ;)

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    1. :D Cleaning is very relaxing shockingly. :) i enjoy it more than i used to

  3. Great tips, I always thought that cleaning and music help!

  4. Great tips! I know that walking around usually makes me feel better, too!