Reacting To Your Assumptions About Me!!!

So this is a little late....

(funny thing that just happened. I was still in bed, kinda sleeping and Catherine just tip toed in, grabbed a book from my shelf and then tip toed out again :D )

So to get to your assumptions!!!

-You love a good book

You would be right!!! Good books and i get along quite well :)

-Retro is cool

I never really thought about this before, but yeah, i guess it is cool!!

-You like black and white movies

Honestly.... not really. i don't know why but i really dont like watching them..

-Poems are fun to read

This i can answer with a resounding YES!

-You are a sweet soul


-You are an EPIC person

*blushes again* guys!!!

-You love music A LOT

i honestly couldn't live without it.

-You are an extrovert

i used to think that i was, but recently i've discovered that i'm more of an ambivert. Both extrovert and introvert.

-You like to go down rabbit trails during conversations

lol how did you know? If you really want to hear some rabbit trails, i suggest that you listen to Catherine and I's vlogs. We get pretty off topic a lot :D

-Fangirl is your mother tongue

Yep!!! Always has been, and probably always will!

-You like songs that make you cry/feel things

Oh yes!! I really love songs that are about things that matter. One that i would recommend is Still by Hunter Hayes. i cried when i first heard it.

-Your favorite vegetable =olives

Yep!!! i love olives!! (technically you could say that olives are a fruit cause they have seeds....)

-You tend to fall for people hard and fast

Unfortunately that is true. It has hurt me in the past and i am working on remedying it.

-You like rain

Have you guys noticed that every single photo is this post has rain in it? lol

-Your favorite color is blue and it's partially because oceans, partially because it's pretty and partially because of a fictional character

My favorite colors are actually green and purple. But blue is my third favorite color!!! (also can anyone guess who the fictional character is?)

-You ship Zammie over Jammie

Is that even a question? YES Zammie is so much better than Jammie

-You like drama queen emo jedi's who wear high waisted pants

#rude He's misunderstood!!! I can't wait for The Rise of Skywalker so i can find out what happens!!!

-You know several bloggers in real life, but i'm not actually sure who they are or how you know them. i think two of them are Catherine and Mary Kate

You would be correct!! And funnily enough, that number has upped recently :D

-You are Catholic and proud of it


-You adore music and can't understand how some wouldn't 

YES!! i don't really understand how some people can just listen to music without feeling it. Like they listen to it and don't dig deep into the lyrics and feel it. Feel the chords vibrating through you and feel at peace. (or maybe i just listen to music weird?)

-You wish to be a butterfly....though a caterpillar has a pretty fun life too...mostly you just like life, and don't much care what is it you are, as long as its purposeful

I can honestly say, that i didn't know i felt this way until you put it into words. But yes 100%!!

-You're incredibly artistic

i can't really draw well. But i am artistic in other ways! Music, writing, and i love a good coloring book lol

-Music is your life

100% Yes!!!!!

-You don't like dark chocolate

You would be right. Bleh!

-You're not as bubbly as most people would think you are

Yes definitely! A lot of people that i know think that i am just this bubbly person who smiles all the time and is very happy go lucky. But no, i'm not really.

-You have more than one brother, some of which are younger

Yes! i have three brothers. One older, two younger. And they are all the plague of my life :D

-You sing soprano in a choral setting

Yep!! I sing soprano in my church's choir!!

-You love to read

Yes!! i have loved to read ever since i was a wee lass

-You like evening/nightime best

I've always been a stay up all night kinda girl.

-Loki is your favorite Marvel character

He really is! I'm very excited about the Loki TV series!!!!

-Your favorite color is blue, but you also like purple

It goes purple, green, and then blue!!

-You like sea shells

I like everything ocean related so yes!!!!

And that was everything folks!!! Hope you enjoyed!!!



  1. Ahhhh! It's great to learn more about you!!! <33

  2. I totally agree about a certain Star Wars character. I can't wait for The Rise of Skywalker!!!

  3. Definitely agree about Loki - easily one of the best Marvel characters. And, yes music! Music is the language of life!

  4. I'm so happy that you love Loki and Kylo!