Self Love

i don't love myself.

I didn't used to hate myself. But there was this boy and he changed me. Made me see maybe i wasn't worth anyone's time, certainly not his. He did a lot of things to me, most of which i am still trying to get over.

He broke me in all the ways it matters most, but i am thankful to him, for if he had not broken me, i would not be as strong as i am today.

Self love is important though. For if you don't love yourself, you cannot open yourself to love other people. When you learn to love yourself, you'll learn to love the world and the people in it. Life becomes beautiful again.

You have to choose yourself, even when others refuse to. It's okay to take a break, a moment for yourself. it's okay to be selfish if it means rediscovering your happiness. You can't find your worth in someone else or by proving it. Your value is found when you become aware of how worthy you are and what's really worth your energy.

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Love yourself but take it slow. For love to grow properly, you cannot rush it and expect to immediately love yourself that instant. Love is requires patience and vulnerability.

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You'll go through days where you think you have everything under control and you'll think its all okay now. And you'll have days where everything goes wrong and you'll wonder what's the point if this is happening? i promise you, it will be okay. Self doubt is toxic and won't get you anywhere. Every experience, both good and bad, will eventually get you where you need to be.

So love yourself, and live proudly and fiercely.

Just live.



  1. So, I both agree and disagree with this post. First I'll explain why I disagree ... I disagree because I believe that the world is pushing this "self-love" thing a bit too far, promoting selfishness and apathy. But all that aside, I agree in more ways than one might think ;)
    I believe we all naturally love ourselves, and that's why we sometimes hate ourselves. Love comes first, and hate is a result of betrayal/ disappointment/ hurt/ disgust. But you can't arrive at those feelings without having first loved something or someone. I've had a guy break my heart and leave me hating myself, too. And yes I've risen out a much stronger person. But when people say "Don't think of others, only love yourself" I remind them that God says, "Love others as you love yourself". Some people think that means we first need to better understand and love ourselves. I disagree with those people. We already love ourselves. But if don't love ourselves, it's because of 1. We are believing a lie someone told us 2. We aren't living the sort of lifestyle we are able to love/ respect.

    I do not believe it's wrong to love ourselves. If that were the case, Yeshua would've said, "Don't love yourself, only love others". But I think He was letting us know that self-pride/ confidence and joy in what one does is GOOD! We are created to live fully and give glory to him, and if we love everything about ourselves and use what He's given us to make the best of us, then I think it's only natural we'll share in God's pride of who we become (as long as that pride doesn't become arrogance or put others down).

    So yeah ... I LOVE your words, but I think we all need to tread the self-love path carefully ;D

    1. i do agree with you! Self love is important in moderation. Too much and you become selfish. Thanks Keturah! You've given me a lot to think about :)


  2. Self-love is so important! You can't help someone who is drowning if you're drowning yourself. <3 Praying for you, my friend! I know how hard it is to heal after things like that. <3 <3

  3. I so agree! There is this fine line between loving yourself and selfishly loving yourself. That self love when you are in an unhealthy mental state is the kind we need but it is so hard to fight for.
    There are days I hate myself -- hate myself and yet I live with myself every day. It's easy to see why people struggle in choosing life.
    It's hard but keep fighting, girl. XOXO

  4. I've been trying to take care of myself a lot more too. It's harder than it seems.
    Lovely post!