My Blogoversary!!!


I know what you are thinking.

Lia? Your blogoversary was last month.

And to that I say!!!!!

I know

 I am here to announce that part 2 of the vlogs are out!!!! These are the questions that we answered from Catherine's blog. They are divided into 6 parts, because we rambled for a very very long time.

Watching them I do have to say. Wow, I am waaay snarkier that I thought I was. :D

So without further ado!!!

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four 

Part Five

Part Six 

Hope you guys enjoy!!! Comment below if you think we should do something like this again!!!



  1. This made me miss my best friend. Loved hearing your thoughts on everything!

    1. I miss my best friend too :) Thanks Skye!!!!


  2. I so enjoyed these! It was so fun listening to y'all tell stories and make jokes! Ugh, all of it was so good! Thanks for putting it together, girls!

  3. So, I realized that I never listened to all of these for some reason, so I did that today! You guys both did Irish dance? Awesome! I've been doing it for over ten years. Oh, and I agree with Catherine about Ed Sheeran, but the song that you mentioned about the flowers sounds really pretty.