GUEST POST: Character Profile "LIA"

***Because Lia doesn't want ALL her secrets spilled to the internet, we'll keep this brief, yeah?***

***Instead of writing an intro with her full name, family, credit card number etc that I would for a normal character and skip to the random questions! Hopefully I don't answer anything wrong.***

Share a snippet that involves description of their appearance
Lia sat at the table in one corner of the basement, chin down and eyes on the book in front of her. Her dark brown hair fell lazily over her face. As the door swung shut behind me, she lifted her head, her face lit up with a bright smile. She hurried over, her chocolate brown eyes bright behind her glasses. "I was beginning to think you weren't coming and that I was going to have to kill you," she said a little too cheerfully.

5 Ways To Win Her Friendship 
1. Like her for who she is
2. Be there for her
3. Be a little weird
4. Give her food
4. And hugs. She likes hugs
And books...books are good too...

Favorite Type of Weather

A cold, rainy autumn day or a bright sunny summer day by the pool/beach

Food Quirks
Let me portray a little scene for you:
Lia and ''coffee"
*adds several spoonfuls of sugar*
*several gallons of cream*
*glances around*
*slowly tears open packet of hot chocolate and pours it into coffee* 

 How often do they smile? Would they smile at a stranger?
 Lia is the kind of person who would smile at random strangers and strike up conversations with everyone she knows. She gets along with so many people!
But let it be known, if you manage to annoy her. Yikes.

And one time she pretended she was deaf to avoid talking to a creep. 
 If they could travel anywhere in the world, where would they go? 
 If you offered her a trip to anywhere in the world she would run you down before you could finish talking, bolt up the ramp and onto the plane and yell "I'll buy clothes when I get there. Come on! Let's go." 
 And the first place she would go? Italy! (Though Ireland is a close second.) 
And once she gets there, she would probably stuff herself with gelato 24/7
What’s their favorite food?
Crab legs. She LOVES crab legs. 
 (Is this relivant? Maybe? Is it a crab holding a knife? YES) 
Lia and I: *signing back and forth to each other because there are other people at the table who we don't want eavesdropping.* (Also, it amuses us)
Random Boy Who I really REALLY hope isn't reading this post: Sorry, I don't speak hands.
Both of us: *looks of disbelief*
*rapid swears and insults*
What is the most humiliating event of their life?
Well, there was this one time...
*is hit over the back of the head with a bat* 
*camera zooms in on the words scribbled on bat*
"Lia's Wapping Stick"

What habits, speech patterns, etc. are unique to them?
 Lia has a habit of saying "How rude" in response to things.  (And occasionally "How wude.") 

"Hoodie + Earphones"

Are they a night owl or morning person?
Night owl! Though she does tend to get up a fair bit earlier then most of the other night owls I know... 
  Describe your character’s personality first in one word, and then elaborate with a few sentences.
Has a lot of trouble, but puts on a brave face when around friends. Either because she doesn't want to trouble them or because she doesn't want to spend what little time she has around them being sad.

*randomly starts singing musicals*
"Adulting is hard"

What sights, sounds, and smells are reminders of this character?
Anything ocean themed
The song "Greatest Love Story"
Any of the various fandoms that she gushes about
If they were an element (fire, water, earth, air), which one would they be?
Organized or messy?

  Music is life
Obsessed with the ocean

Can memorize a entire musical in a week

Lia: *Impulse buys 30000 books, 8 choker necklaces and a EXTRA LARGE box of doughnut holes*
Lia upon arriving home: "I regret nothing."

-MK @ Sarcastic Scribblings