Ask Us Anything


Catherine and I may or may not be planning something


But we need your help! Questions! Send in questions for us to answer. About our friendship, embarrassing stories (mostly my embarrassing stories hehe) anything! (well not really anything, try not to go too personal)

Can't wait to share our surprise!!! 



  1. 1) Have you seen the HTTYD 3 trailer?
    2) Favorite fiction book?
    3) Autumn or Winter?

  2. 1> How do you two know each other?
    2> who started blogging first?
    3> each of your most embarrassing stories THAT involve each other
    4> Can friends be annoyed at each other (like really annoyed) and still be friends?
    5> Are you two going to start a blogging retreat where all us bloggers can get together and meet in person?
    6> extrovert or introvert?
    7> Favorite thing about blogging?
    8> Favorite book read this year?
    9> Wildest dream?
    10> Are habits created in 30 days or in a single moment by moment? (this has been on my mind a lot haha

  3. Favorite memory of each other?
    Favorite movie to watch together?

  4. What is qualities do you have that makes you such good friend material for each other?
    What is something you love about the other person?

  5. if you didnt have to sleep(precious precious sleep) what would you do with your spare time.?
    favorite nail polish color?
    favorite dessert?
    favorite weird dessert?