2018: Year in Review

2018. Where do I begin? I suppose from the beginning is the best :)


anuary was good. Kat and I directed our church's Epiphany play. lots of fun memories were made. we pulled it off successfully, with many mess ups and laughs. the countdown to graduation began. 


i did my first escape room. we didn't win but we were very close. then out to pizza and over to a friend's house for a sleepover. i didn't go to bed til 3:30.  


i went ice skating for the first time. its not for me. MK spent most of the time trying to push me over and get me away from the wall. i was too stubborn for that tho XD the depression came back and  got the best of me this month. 


Easter was on April Fools this year. on April 9th, the best day of my life happened. my aunt took me to go see Damian McGinty, who is my favorite artist of all time. i got to meet him and talk to him :) 
then on the 17th, I saw   Phantom of the Opera on stage for the second time. last minute graduation plans  were set into place. 


it was finally here. graduation month. time spent finishing up school, buying dresses, steaming gowns. mentally preparing myself to grow up. graduation came and went with tears, dancing, happiness, and lots of hugs. Catherine came out for it and we saw each other for the first time since her graduation. also started my first job babysitting at the beginning of may


une was normal. after graduation, it was swimming, coffee, adjusting to life as it is now, wondering what the next couple of months would bring. left my job babysitting. 


july was more swimming, spending time with my bestie who lives 4 hours away, fireworks, watermelon, selfies, rambling far into the night, 


august was august, I guess. swimming, hot weather, I started my first official job at sonic the last week in august. watched a meteor shower with my besties, staying up til 2, MK left for college, there were tears but she made me laugh before she left, which is what she's best at :) 


more working, labor day, end of swimming season, was in the hospital for 4 hours, diagnosed with anxiety,


fall! crunchy leaves, lipstick, seeing MK, shopping, visiting my grandmother.


 my birthday happened, officially in my last year of being a teenager. thanksgiving, thankful for all my people 


snow, start of cookie season, buying Christmas presents, Christmas :) family, reflecting on the past year


irst song of 2018: A Million Dreams from the Greatest Showman 

top artists:

Celtic Thunder
Damian Mcginty
Hunter Hayes
Taylor Swift
Danielle Bradbury

op songs: 

Someday from The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Unbelievable by Damian McGinty
Hold On by Chord Overstreet
Theme of King JJ by Caleb Hyles
Jealous of the Angels by Donna Taggert 

Discovered NEEDTOBREATHE holy heck, they're my new favorite band. 

ast song of 2018: Brother by NEEDTOBREATHE

favorite albums of 2018

divide by ed sheeran
unapologetically by kelsea ballerini
hard love by NEEDTO BREATHE
red by taylor swift
la la land soundtrack
hunchback of notre dame soundtrack

life things

I learned a lot about my self this year. I learned not to settle. don't just do something just because its something someone else did. I learned I am not strong by myself. I need people to lean on. I learned that you shouldn't cling to a boy because you don't see any other option. I learned depression and anxiety aren't the end of the world, they do not control you. I learned that I need to believe in myself and only then can I chase my dreams.


I've heard people choose a word at the beginning of the new year, and that word is what they try to live by throughout. i'm going to try it this year. The word I have chosen is. 


definition: free from worry, concern or anxiety. 

throughout 2019, I am going to be insouciant. I am not going to let anxiety consume my life or dictate my actions. I am going to be fearless and chase my dreams. my life will be my own and hopefully I can find peace. 

I hope 2019 is filled with love and joy and peace for all of you. I hope 2019 brings better memories and many laughs. I wish everyone a happy new year :)




  1. I love your word! I hope 2019 is better for you :)


  2. I loved this! A perfect word. Love your music choices too!

  3. You don't like ice skating!!?? What!!?? XD

    Happy New Year! I have so many hopes, I can't wait to see what will happen. :)

  4. It looks like it was a whirlwind year for you!! I hope 2019 is pretty awesome for you. And I love the word you chose. Very cool!!

  5. Fav parts of the escape room:

    Breaking the handcuffs off the wall and the lady being like, Wait no. That's not how you do it. Lock yourselves back up and try again.

    The poop

    "That one girl" who turned off the lights and made everyone else scream

    You waving the gun around and all the gun people being like AH! DONT POINT THAT AT ME. (< it was a prop but still. Old habits die hard)