Left Behind


So remember, I was telling you all about a songwriting contest I was going to enter. Well, I missed the deadline. Which was yesterday.... In my defense on Wednesday, when I was going to send it in, my dad hit a deer and drama ensued and it was crazy. So I forgot. I thought I would share the song I was going to send with you.

Verse 1 

You're gone now
Off on your own path now
Happened so fast
didn't see it comin'
What am I gonna do from here?


What's so wrong with me
that everyone can leave so easily?
I'm not as strong as
everybody thinks I am
This morning I woke up to find
I've been left behind.

Verse 2

People keep telling me
"things will get better tomorrow"
But I've been through 
too many tomorrows and nothing has changed


I want to be happy
but something in me screams
that I don't deserve it...

Hope you like it :)