Vacation!!!///Pool//Movies//Shopping//Attempted Drownings

(please don't let that title freak you out, no one actually drowned :D) 

So if you were wondering why I was away for a week, its because I was away on vacation at my aunt's house with my best friend and her little sister. 

B= my best friend
V=her little sister

We got to my aunt's house on Sunday, July 1. Very pale and ready for some sunshine. Spent the day there swimming in the pool and hanging with my family. After dinner, my family let to go home and my aunt took us to go see The Sound of Music in a movie theater. It was awesome!! When we first got to our seats, this man and his wife walked in and he asked her, "Is this the sing-along version?" She said no, and then he said "thank goodness." I was very tempted to say, "I could make it the sing along verson." *wink wink* Then V made me laugh during "Something Good" because she shoved our bag of Twizzlers in the backpack at the quietest part of the song. 

Monday was a chill day. We all went out to dinner that night. Food was good, but after dinner went to a candy store. I bought candied larvae for my brothers, because i'm a nice sister. *falls out of chair* 
I also bought some organic licorice which was the most disgusting thing I have ever eaten. 

Tuesday was pretty chill too. Went to the ballpark to watch the fireworks. Arrived at the ballpark at 6 and the fireworks didn't start until 10.... It was an interesting time. It rained on us, V tried Dippin' Dots for the first time. The fireworks were totally worth it tho. They started them playing the Avengers theme, which made me tear up because Infinity War. (haha still not okay) 

Wednesday was the day we didn't go anywhere. We just stayed at my aunts house doing nothing but swimming and relaxing. We went night swimming! That was fun. Also the first attempted drowning. V grabbed me and tried to drag me under. To which I resisted. #youcan'tkillme

Thursday was funny. We woke up and B came into the room and said, "there's a bunch of strange people in the pool." so we ran to the window and spied on them. I had no idea who they were so we hid up in our room for an hour. Finally, we got too hungry to hid so we went downstairs. Ate breakfast/lunch, then went outside. My aunt worked with one of the ladies and she brought her two kids and their kids to swim for a bit. The two-year-old was obsessed with us, it was so cute. They left in the early afternoon. Then Thursday night, we went shopping!! I told myself I wasn't going to buy anymore jewelry but that went out the window. I bought a lot of necklaces. (i'll post pictures when I take them ) Finally we went to Barnes and Nobles at 9 to find out they were closing. :( :( :(

Friday, my aunt took us to go see Incredibles 2 (which was awesome!!! it was funny, because there was tiny children all throughout the theater and then there was us, the big teenagers XD XD) And then, after the movie, we finally went to Barnes and Nobles. I bought 12 books, stay tuned for mini reviews!!

Saturday morning, we got up and went to the farmers market. Have I ever told you how much I love farmer's markets? After shopping, we went out to breakfast. I had the most amazing waffles. Sorry, no pictures, I ate them too fast :D

And then Sunday, it was over. B and V live 4 hours away from me, which is hard. Living far away from your best friend is difficult, to say the least. Sometimes I forget how well she knows me and then she'll say some random obscure fact about me that I didn't even remember.

I had a lot of fun. I was happy to get home tho. Although after being back for 2 weeks, I want to go back. Little brothers, amiright? 

Hope you guys enjoyed!


  1. Smuggled Twizzlers in a backpack?
    That's nothing. I once smuggled a whole taco pack. IN MY PURSE. XD
    The things I do for my brother's

    But I can seriously see V and the Twizzler's very clearly.
    THEY PLAYED THE AVENGER'S THEME? HOW RUDE! (Though I suppose the fireworks as they fell away probably would look like dust blowing away if it was daylight...)

    1. I've said it many times and i'm going to say it again. Your brothers are weird.

      :( :( :( :( :( *wailing*

  2. Heehee, looks like you were on vacation the same week as I was!

    Ooh Dippin' Dots is the best!! I haven't had them since I was like...five...though. *bursts into tears* And the Avengers theme! I kinda geeked out when the All Star Game was on TV and they played Captain America and Thor music... But INFINITY WAR CRUSHED ME so yes. *sends comforting hugs*

    1. Its been years since I've had Dippin' Dots too! So it was fun to have them again. *sends hugs back*


  3. Sounds like you had a lot of fun. Fireworks are always worth it.

  4. Sounds like a blast!
    Shame you live so far from your best friend, though - I feel for you. :)

  5. Sounds like you had an awesome time! I mean, any time someone has the opportunity to get twelve books is a great time!