Sunday, July 1, 2018

Lilah Can't Come to the Phone Right Now....Why? She's....

Not dead, if that's what you're thinking.

She's on a vaca!

...sort of?

Anyway, she won't be able to post anything this week. She also will not be responding to comments or emails, etc. She's taking a nice little internet detox. (Not by choice of course...)

So what did she do? Why is this crazy woman here?

Well, I too am on a blogging break and won't be posting for...awhile? But I answer my emails, so...

When Lilah needed someone to post something for her, she snapped off a text to me!

She asked me to come over and post something saying that she'd be away for a while, that she won't be able to post for this week at least, but she promises she'll be back before you know it and when she does, she'll be jumping back into the world of blogging again!!!! And that she loves you all and blah blah blah.

So hang tight peeps. Lilah will be back soon to brighten your day and fill your life with music, light and laughter...and probably more tangled gifs...

-Not Lilah


  1. Who wants to bet that her first post has something to do with "I regret all my decisions. Why did I let MK on my blog???"

    1. *raises hand* I'll bet that mountain cabin you're retreating to when I take over the world. If she does regret her decisions, I want that cabin as my headquarters/retreat/where I do all my evil planning. :D

      *sticks hand out to shake it*

      As for Lilah, We will be here for you when you return. Enjoy your break. Don't worry about the fact that you let M.K post. Just relax. XD

    2. *shakes back*

      No Lia. You shouldn't worry at all :P

    3. I regret nothing. Great job, MK!!! I laughed really hard when I saw the title. hehe Sorry Ivie!!

  2. ^^I second them, don't trust MK, this is part of her scheme to take over the world. XD

    1. um... I'm right here. We all decided I was taking over the world, soooo, MK can't possibly take over the world. Lol, I just had a crazy thought. What if one day, MK somehow hacked all of our blogs and posted on them?? O_O

    2. She would achieve world domination!!!!!!!

  3. She'll be missed, but as always MK you never fail to entertain. XD


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