AMA Answers////////Part 1

Catherine's Questions

What movies/TV series are you looking forward to seeing this year? 

Black Panther, INFINITY WAR (I'M NOT READY) Incredibles 2, Christopher Robin, The Grinch, and the Last Jedi (when it comes out on DVD) 

What is one food you hate the most? 

Walnuts. I don't like the flavor or the texture of them Ick! 

What is your favorite thing to do in the summer? 


What is your worst fear? 

Not being good enough. 

What are your career plans? 

I actually have two plans. One, is to go to college and get a degree in musical theatre and then try out for Broadway. The other plan is to get hired as a lyricist for a recording studio and write song lyrics. 

Ivie's Questions

Have you ever had a slushie from Sonic? 

Why yes I have! (my sister is actually the general manager at one of the stores, so I get free slushies all the time sssssssssh) My favorite flavor is green apple with Nerds in it. 

What's your favorite thing about blogging? 

The blogging community. Everyone is so nice and I honestly wish we could all meet sometime and have a big hangout!! 

Favorite book! (whyyyyyyyyyyy Ivie!!!!! This is soooo hard!) 

Open Road Summer by Emery Lord (this is just one of them) 

Favorite song? (this is also haaaaaaaaaaaaard) 

All Too Well by Taylor Swift 

Is there a book or books you are looking forward to this year? 

Not really. I don't keep up with book releases often enough. 

Skye's Questions 

Favorite musical?  (sooooooo hard!!!!) 

Phantom of the Opera! 

Favorite TV show? 

When Calls The Heart!!!! 

Favorite movie? 

Man From U.N.C.L.E. (2015) 

 Alyssa's Questions

Who is your favorite hero? 

Percy Jackson! 

Who is your favorite heroine? 

Cammie Morgan 

Who is your favorite villain? 

Loki :D 

Coffee or Tea or other? 


What is your favorite holiday? 


If money was no option, what country would you most like to visit? 

I would love to visit Italy. For the gelato, of course :D 

Do you like history? If so, what time period? 

I really like the 40s. The fashion during that time so pretty. 

Name three things from your bucket list? 

Go to Italy

See a show on Broadway 

Post a letter on Juliet's wall in Verona 

 Georgianna's Questions 
 (hi duckie!!!!) 

If you had to live in a foreign country for a year, which one would you choose? 


If you could speak any language fluently, which would it be? 

I would love to speak Italian :D 

Do you listen to other countries music? And if so, what country? 

Is this your way of trying to get me to listen to K-pop??? :D :D :D :D No I don't listen to other countries music. But I want to! 

Pony Girl's Questions

 What would you choose as your theme song? 

I Could Use A Love Song  by Maren Morris 

Thank you all for the wonderful questions!!!!!! MK's questions will be posted on Saturday. All 115 of them............ 



  1. I AM JEALOUS YOU GET FREE SLUSHIES!!! (JK, jealousy is bad, but FREE SLUSHIES!!! Have you tried peach slushies?)

    She only asked 115? Such a small number. (JK, JK, I CAN'T HELP MYSELF!!!) I'm actually really excited for that post. XD

    ~Ivie| Ivie Writes

    1. No I haven't tried peach slushies but I will the next time I go!!

      Driving me crazy, Ivie!! <3


  2. Only 115??? My goodness, I was hoping for higher too. (I KID, please don't lose your sanity dear sis)

    OH really? You don't like walnuts? Didn't know that...

    I loved all of these answers, dear sis <3



  4. 115?!?!?! Such a smALL NUmbER, M.K. didn't even try hard. XD

    1. Kidding! I'm sorry. XD

      Great answers, I hope you don't lose your sanity answering all those questions.

    2. I lost my sanity a loooong time ago


  5. I love Phantom of the Opera and The Man from Uncle. My sisters watch When Calls the Heart, I haven't really watched it.
    Great answers!

    1. I looooove When Calls The Heart. Its really good!

      Thanks Skye!