Friday, February 9, 2018

My Top 10 Book OTPS!!!

 Hello guys!!!

I don't really need to explain what I'm doing so let's get into it!!!

1. Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase

Percy and Annabeth are my top OTP! I don't even have the words to describe how much I ship this pair. Rick Riordan could literally write a book about Percy and Annabeth brushing their teeth together and I would read it. (Let's be honest though, that would be really funny!) 

2. Zack Goode and Cammie Morgan

If you have not read the Gallagher Girls series, why are you reading this? Go read them!!!!! I love this ship so much!

3. Maxon Shreave and America Singer

I know a lot of people kind of hated the Selection series but I really liked it! America was a little.......stupid sometimes but I powered through! 

       4.Cath and Jest 

*curls up in a ball in the corner, sobbing.

          5. Ken Ford and Rilla Blythe 

*much squealing* *very fangirl* 

6. Will Treaty and Alyss 

I love this couple!!!! They're so cute. :)

7. Horace and Cassandra 

Gaaaaaaaah They are so cute!!!!

  8. Lily and Mystery Guy

I'm not mentioning his name because I don't want anyone who hasn't read it to be spoiled. 
But if you've read it, you know who i'm talking about :D :D 

9. Dax and Autumn 

I love this couple and the story is also amazing!!!!

    10. Reagan and Mark 

If there is one book, I would tell everyone to read, it's this one. I re-read this one all the time!!

So that's my list!!!! Except for the first one, these are not in order, I like them all equally :D 

Stay tuned for my movie OTP's on Monday and my TV show OTP's on Tuesday!!! 



  1. LILAH!!! You didn't put the books to half the OTPs!!!!! *duffs you on the head* HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO FIND HALF OF THESE BOOKS IF YOU DON'T TELL ME WHAT THEY ARE?????

    A very exasperated Catherine

    1. I did that on purpose. I didn't want to put the book titles in. If you want to know, just ask me :D :D



    I am literally in the middle of reading the Selection series and aaaah (but the annoying library gave me books 1 and 5,and then 2 and 4 and 3 won't come till next Thursday because of Mardi Gras and I gave up reading library books for lent so I'm listening to The One on an audiobook) and I like them!




    1. Aren't they!!! I love them! I KNOW PERCY AND ANNABETH ARE SO HILARIOUS!!


  3. I am sooo mad at John Flanagan about Will and Alyss 😡(they are adorable though). What is the title of the one with Ken Ford and Rilla Blythe?

    1. Me too!!!! He must bring her back!

      Its called Rilla of Ingelside by L.M. Montgomery. A continuation of the Anne of Green Gables series. Rilla is her daughter :D

      I'm surprised I haven't shoved it in your face yet XD


  4. Wow, I need to get reading: I don't know who any of these are. (I agree with Catherine... WHY DIDN'T YOU PUT THE TITLES!!???) ;D


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